Final year performance brings CMYK into the digital realm


The Creative Advertising graduate exhibition CMYK launch took place on Tuesday 4th May 2021 and is now live! This digital exhibition and online event was conceived and created by graduating students at UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art at the end of what has been an extraordinary year for the students.

This digital exhibition and online event were conceived and created by graduating students at UWTSD’s Swansea College of Art at the end of what has been an extraordinary year for the students

Digital transformation has been embraced in the creation of their exhibition, as their intention is to disrupt the analogue practices of advertising and to bring CMYK into the digital realm. Significantly, as an all-female group, their intention is to also address the historical gender bias in that has existed in the advertising industry of the past.

Programme Manager, Martin Bush, explains how their final year performance is aligned to contemporary industry practice:

“Our Creative Advertising students have clearly illustrated that when a problem or barrier arises, the role of the creative is to understand it, embrace it and then solve it. We are so pleased that our students have met this challenge. They display key creative credentials that will see them do very well in the communications industry.

“Our students are taught communication skills relevant to the changing habits of how we communicate with each other. The growth in digital and social media has now become a driving force in the advertising industry, so we ensure our teaching is relevant to these significant changes.”

Rebecca Davies said: “For the CMYK Exhibition I worked on three projects to showcase. My client brief was for an amazing local yoga teacher, Yasmin. I worked with Yas to establish her new brand ‘Yoga with Yasmin’, creating a logo, website, and social media content for her. 

“For my personal brief- Women Supporting Women, I looked at how we as women should empower each other instead of tearing each other down. I did this through a series of controversial posters that used Margaret Thatcher and her past quotes to demonstrate how powerful doesn’t mean empowering. 

“Finally, I chose to look at the D&AD Tesco brief for my competition project, which asked creatives to establish Tesco as a brand to trust among Gen Z. I did this through my ‘Love Local with Tesco’ campaign, which would see Tesco’s supporting a variety of local producers in order to become more sustainable.

“The Creative Advertising course at UWTSD has given me a huge insight into the advertising world, which I had very little knowledge of before. It has allowed me to develop and embrace my creativity and has taught me to take risks and be bold. Most importantly, this course has allowed me to discover what I want to do in the future- three years ago I had no clue what I wanted my career path to look like and wasn’t even planning to go to university!

“I’m extremely lucky to have secured a position with YMCA Swansea as their Digital Marketing and Design Officer. I’m excited to start with this amazing company next week as my new chapter begins...”

Klaudia Mroz’s projects included a giffgaff brief from D&AD New Blood, from which she created three 20-second animations explaining the process of recycling phones, a TikTok social awareness campaign to share information about skin cancer and the difficulty of diagnosing it and a brand refresh and strategic social media campaign for Cherry Pie, which specialises in authentic vintage clothing.

She said: “Studying at UWTSD has taught me to explore the best creative thinking. By tackling projects from varied disciplines, we learnt how to find ourselves in every situation. Creative Advertising is a course that makes you a more creative person, a better problem solver in everyday life.

“After graduation, I plan to find a place big enough to spread my wings. My goal position is Creative Lead or Art Director and, hopefully, that's where my future leads.”

Carys Lorraine Davies worked on three projects to showcase her work. For her personal brief, she chose The Welsh Blood Service as this was an important subject because of a personal experience. She created a TikTok campaign to spreading awareness of the importance of donating using the Ketsueki-Gata Japanese Blood theory where different blood types have different personality traits.

Carys said: “The Creative Advertising course at UWTSD has shown me to think outside the box and to generate weird and wonderful ideas. The course has helped me develop and embrace my creativity and to take risks. Three years ago, I knew I had a strength in digital design, but this course has given me a path to use those skills within the working world of the advertising and branding industry.

“I am open to all opportunities for the future from jobs, internships, and courses I love being creative and I can't wait for what the future may hold.”

Amy Louise Bean, who has secured a marketing role with design agency Blue Egg in Cardiff, said she was extremely proud to have been part of an exhibition which showcased four bold female creatives at a time which has been challenging for many.

She added: “For my personal project I was eager to focus my attention close to home and build a campaign which inspired change in Wales. With the current pandemic having a significant effect on ages 16 to 25 and their mental health, the aim was to encourage confidence and community in a time which has been difficult for many and has left this generation feeling isolated. Hyder means confidence in welsh and the project began as a social media campaign engaging in topics surrounding the pandemic in a more positive light however it quickly became a platform which also highlighted local businesses and talent in Wales inspiring creativity in young adults.

Amy added: “Eager to break into the advertising and marketing industry my role at Blue Egg has come at the most perfect time. My next adventure awaits!”

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