Former BA Early Years Education student joins the lecturing team.


A former student of the BA Early Years Education course at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has returned to the University as a member of the lecturing team.

Natasha Young has just joined the team, and is looking forward to the new challenge. Natasha will be responsible for coordinating modules, as well as contributing to a range of other modules relating to human development, multilingualism and safeguarding children. She will also contribute to the coordination of Employability Week in the field of early years and educational visits for students.

Natasha said, "I am delighted to join the early years team at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the same team that inspired, motivated and supported me throughout my degree experience. The depth of the team is clear, as is their passion for the field and also for the students they teach. I hope that I will be able to contribute to the continued success of the early years programmes in the coming years."

Natasha began her career initially in pharmacy, where she learned many useful skills within the area of health. When Natasha had children, she decided to give up her job, so that she could stay home to raise them. She said,

"During this time, my passion for children's care and education developed. Watching my children grow, learn and develop inspired me to change my career from pharmacy to the area of care and education."

Natasha started a childcare business, and although she enjoyed the venture she decided after two years that she wanted to look for a job in a setting that specialised and cared for children. She was offered the opportunity to volunteer at a local Cylch Meithrin, and within a few months, Natasha was fortunate enough to be offered a job there as well as the opportunity to complete her level 3 qualification in childcare, learning and education. During the same period, Natasha decided to study for a degree in education and childcare at UWTSD and gained a first-class honours degree in 2018.

Natasha said:

"When I was considering studying a programme in Early Years, it was the content that attracted me towards the programme. There were modules about subjects I was particularly interested in, namely Maths, Language and Literacy, Play and ICT. All modules were interesting and relevant."

During her time as a student, Natasha's passion for learning developed, and also a pride in what she had achieved. She longed for an opportunity to inspire, learn, motivate and support individuals like her, and so applied for a job at the University.

The Early Years department is pleased to welcome Natasha back as a lecturer, and proud of her work. Glenda Tinney, admissions tutor for the Early Years Education course, said,

"We are delighted to welcome Natasha. After her work leading an early years setting and a range of work on Welsh Government panels in education and childcare, Natasha is able to share current information with the students. As a former UWTSD student, Natasha is also able to identify with the students' experiences and therefore in a great place to offer the best support.  Natasha is able to support our English and Welsh medium students and therefore offer opportunities to develop various bilingual events and experiences within our early years programmes."

Natasha's vision is that the students have the opportunity and support to succeed. A particular feature of the early years programmes at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the commitment to widening access. Natasha believes that individuals need the opportunity to succeed in gaining a degree and changing the lives of themselves as well as the lives of young children in Wales which is something absolutely special.

Natasha is glad that she changed career paths and encourages others who are in the same position to do the same.

"I would encourage anyone considering studying a programme in the area of early years, or any subject, especially if they are looking for a career change, to go for it! It's important to push yourself, and to believe in yourself! It's an exciting, nervous and scary time in the beginning but you'll see your confidence and ability grow with each lecture! We need people like you in the world, people who are willing to take a risk and work hard towards a new goal."

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