Launch of 'Shwmae Sir Gâr'


Canolfan S4C Yr Egin is proud to announce its involvement in the launching of the new local television channel ‘Shwmae Sir Gâr.’

Shwmae Sir Gar

‘Shwmae Sir Gâr’, one of S4C’s new networks forming part of the S4C Lleol (S4C Local) project, will be launched on June 21st. This platform will give ownership to the county's residents to have their say, share their stories and hopes, as well as reflect the history and living culture of localities within the county.

‘Shwmae Sir Gâr’ will be piloted by S4C for a period of six months. During this time, content will be produced weekly by the team and will be seen on various social media platforms. People are encouraged to visit the relevant pages to enjoy the content, as well as offer stories themselves if they so wish.

The project is under the auspices of Canolfan S4C Yr Egin and Cwmni Cynhyrchu Carlam Cyf. Carys Ifan, Director of Yr Egin, said: “One of the aims of establishing Canolfan S4C Yr  Egin was to raise the status of the Welsh language and culture and create linguistic, cultural, economic and social benefits in Carmarthen  and the south west. ‘Shwmae Sir Gâr’ is an opportunity to achieve that in a contemporary and creative way and to  develop the relationship between Yr Egin and the county’s residents  since its opening three years ago.  I am very excited about working with Euros Llŷr of Carlam, on the opportunities that will ensue for UWTSD and Coleg Sir Gâr students as the project develops new voices and, and above all, to get to know parts of Carmarthenshire that were previously unfamiliar to me and to provide a platform for the various communities.

In recent months, Canolfan S4C Yr Egin and Carlam have been working hard with Yr Egin’s stakeholders to publicise and create a buzz about the project and also to ensure that every part of the county is included in a range of items. It is intended to promote the Welsh language within the county, as well as encourage learners to use the language.

The award-winning poet Aneirin Karadog from Pontyberem, who has recently been appointed by the University as Project Co-ordinator and Welsh Language Tutor to the University's Centre for Welsh Language Services, was commissioned to compose a special poem for the first content which will appear under the title 'Shwmae Sir Gâr.' The poem describes the splendour of the county, from its people to its landscape, and reflects on its diversity.  

One of the aims of the project also is to create opportunities to develop new talent, whether in front of or behind the camera.

One of those is Euros Llŷr Morgan, Director of the production company Carlam.  He is from Ystradgynlais, and three years ago he graduated from the University with a Welsh medium BA degree in Performance.  Euros is one of Yr Egin's new tenants, and he is looking forward to working on this project.

"This is a new chapter for Carlam, and we are delighted and very grateful to work with S4C and Canolfan S4C Yr Egin on this extremely exciting project.  This is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to foster and expand the pool of creative individuals in West Wales.”

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