Living Lab Challenge: How UWTSD contributes to making Swansea city centre a vibrant and thriving place to be, post-Covid


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) has launched a Living Lab Challenge this week as part of the DeuS project


Swansea Campus

DeuS, an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union, is a Vocational Educational and Training (VET) regional initiative, which aims to co-create a European-wide learning and training approach in design, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship.

The Living Lab Challenge, which takes place over four sessions in July and brings together a team of creative professionals to work collaboratively on a specific theme, will examine ‘Buildings, Routes and Identity: How can UWTSD contribute to making Swansea city centre a vibrant and thriving place to visit and spend time in?’.

Nicola Dowdle, DeuS Researcher at UWTSD, said: “This challenge reflects on how Covid-19 has had a significant impact on Swansea city centre, its local businesses and the wider community. 

“The traditional High Street and retail core was already in transition, but a sudden and then prolonged reduction in footfall and activity has accelerated this transformation and led to the closure of a number of shops and businesses.

“New businesses will emerge, but the impact of Covid-19 will undoubtedly lead to a fundamental change in how our cities look, who lives in them and even what purpose they serve. 

“It has been suggested that we will see a shift from places to work and shop, to places to live and socialise with more focus on culture and learning, leisure and entertainment. There may be more green spaces, less traffic and a more cycle friendly infrastructure.”

Shelley Doolan, DeuS Coordinator at UWTSD, added: “As a city centre university, UWTSD Swansea and its students already play a key role in contributing to Swansea’s economy, identity, and future, but what greater part can the University play, post-Covid? 

“The UWTSD Swansea campus consists of a series of buildings and sites that are spread across the city centre, many of which face into the public realm.  The University is eager to make these buildings more distinguishable, connected and importantly better integrated to help renew and revitalise the city centre.

“The DeuS project is inviting challenge participants to work as part of a creative, collaborative team to help it come up with ideas and outline proposals which can be shared with our neighbours and community as part of a public consultation later this summer.”

Challenge participants will be invited to respond to three main themes:

  • UWTSD buildings: How can we support and potentially host cultural activities in our spaces?
  • Navigation routes: What can we do to create routes between our buildings that serve the community as well as core University users?
  • Visual Identity: How can we make our UWTSD Swansea buildings more identifiable and of interest to the community?

The challenge aims to draw upon participants’ creativity, experience, and expertise to identify potential responses to the challenge.

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