Teacher gets a promotion while completing a Masters in Professional Practice.


Owain Edwards began his journey with the University in 2018 when he began studying the Masters in Professional Practice. Owain was offered a scholarship by the University to complete the course as a pilot to see whether the programme was suitable for teachers.

Owain Edwards

The course has been structured to develop individuals within their jobs. Owain found the course useful, as he realised that his learning was developing him as an individual in the workplace. Owain said: "It gave me the opportunity to take a step back to do a little research, little theory work into different exercises, and consider how I would be able to use this in my school work."

Despite the additional work Owain had to do for the qualification, several elements went together with what he was doing in school. One of his assignments was to reflect on the process of recreating the humanities curriculum, part of his work in school, but unusually, this gave Owain the opportunity to research and develop the process in greater depth.

"It gave me the opportunity to find out what humanities were about, what the Welsh Curriculum strategies were trying to do, as well as responding to the challenges. I had the opportunity to ask other teachers how I performed while leading the development. It has been an opportunity for me to write about my experiences, and to get a degree while doing so."

What Owain liked was the fact that the course was run part-time. He feels fortunate that the school allowed him a day here and there to be able to    attend lectures and seminars, and feels that the support he has received from the lecturers has been brilliant. Much of the work was independent, however it was possible to arrange to meet the lecturers at times that were convenient for Owain after school hours.

Owain managed to complete the course at quite a challenging time for him personally. During the period he has had surgery on his back, become a father, worked in the midst of coronavirus restrictions, as well as working full-time on a day-to-day basis. He has found it difficult to find extra time to be able to complete his coursework but is very grateful that the lockdown and school holidays have enabled him to do this.

Throughout the course, Owain noticed that he developed as an individual, and built confidence in himself to achieve 'to his full potential’. According to Owain: "The lecturers made you realise that what you were doing in your job, and the meetings I was leading, the communication I was making with the other schools was a skill in itself. It was a way of looking at what I was doing and reflecting on it, and taking the positives out of that. I've gained the confidence to manage my time better, and communicate with people better. I'm now looking at my job from a professional perspective. It has made me realise that the skill of being a teacher can be transferred to different areas."

During this course, he has been successful in gaining a promotion to Head of Humanities at Ysgol Caer Elen, Haverfordwest, and Owain is convinced that doing this qualification has helped him greatly to gain the confidence to apply for the post. He hopes that the qualification will enable him to continue his work in an effective and strategic way.

Sarah Loxdale, course coordinator, said: "The MA in Professional Practice has provided Owain with a bespoke programme that has enabled him to gain academic credit for skills and the learning he has developed through his work. Recognition of this learning has made a significant contribution to his qualification. It's great to hear that Owain has been able to use his MA studies for a promotion, we wish him well in his new role."

Owain acknowledges that he has done the course so that he can open further doors to his career and climb the school within the education world." I think it's important  for us  as teachers to keep learning, and to keep pushing ourselves to do different things, because it's only too easy to get into a rut. I had been teaching for seven years... I was doing the same thing, and I was thinking, what is the point of it all? Thanks to this course I’ve really extended myself, thinking differently, and it has made me think positively about what I can do."



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