UWTSD creates a new MBA International Hotel Management Programme.


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David has created a new MBA International Hotel Management Programme for those who are working in the hospitality industry.

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The MBA in International Hotel Management is very similar to that of a traditional MBA but has two specialised modules and an industry focussed dissertation associated with the hospitality industry. Like the traditional MBA, students study modules such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Strategic Management, Intercultural Leadership and Sustainability.  As such it is designed to provide insights into the hospitality industry management in today’s global, digitalised and rapidly changing environment.

It focuses on developing and reflecting on high-level management skills and competences in the hospitality sector. In this programme, students will learn the principles and skills which help managers to maximise the potential of organisational resources to achieve shared goals. It has also been designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to conduct advanced research into a variety of organisational and leadership issues whilst focusing on the interrelationship of leadership and organisational performance. The programme will also develop lifelong learning skills, including enthusiasm for business and learning more generally as part of continuing personal and professional development. The specialised pathway will allow students to develop skills in key business-related areas whilst also teaching valuable networking and communication skills, enabling students to develop personal and professional networks. It will also prepare students for higher skilled jobs and opportunities in the hospitality industry.

To support the currency and relevancy of the programme, students have opportunities to collaborate with external associates/organisations and to respond to ‘live’ issues during their course of study.

Many students have joined the new MBA International Hotel Management programme including alumni. One of those is lecturer Ffion Cumberpatch.

Ffion started her journey with UWTSD as a student of the BA(Hons) in International Hotel Management achieving a first-class degree in 2018. Whilst studying, Ffion also worked at the Assistant Manager of Grape and Olive restaurant in Swansea. She joined the lecturing team last year.

“I am studying the MBA in International Hotel Management to continue my professional development, explore some of the industry’s issues from an academic perspective and gain a better insight into  teaching  my students.”

Lisa-Marie Bassler has just graduated from the BA International Hotel Management programme at UWTSD. She moved to Wales from Germany to pursue a career in hospitality. Since graduating, Lisa has managed to get a promotion at the Grand Hotel Swansea and is thankful to the university for providing her with the skill set within the hospitality industry. She has now also enrolled onto the MBA in Hotel Management.

She said: “I found this very intriguing since I have not heard of another university providing a similar programme and found that this course would be the ideal choice for combining my academic journey with my projected hospitality career which I would like to transfer into an international context after my studies.”  

Lisa adds, “I hope that the programme will challenge me to get out of my comfort zone by not only teaching industry best practices, but also by addressing contemporary issues and futuristic developments via out-of-the-box thinking. I look forward to learning more in-depth about hospitality business management as well as the latest international business trends in an ever-changing business environment. From experience with my previous degree, I am convinced that the UWTSD will equip me with new transferable skills that will help me in becoming an industry leader of the future.”

Lecturer Lola Villard will also be enrolling as a student on the course. She began lecturing at UWTSD in January alongside her main job occupation as Operation manager for the Retreats Group in Pembrokeshire. Lola will be joining the tutor team full time in September.  Lola noted,

“This programme is of prime importance in an industry where the skill gap is immense. I hope an MBA in International Hotel Management will help young talent and future generations to realise that hospitality can be seen as a serious option for their career path. It will help students to gain a faster career progression in the hospitality industry to reach their desired goal. Furthermore, it will give the right tools and best way of practice to young managers who are often inexperienced and have to learn from their own mistakes or who apply practices that don’t fit in anymore in 2021.”

Dr Jayne Griffith-Parry who will be leading the  International Hotel Management modules in the MBA programme said that "this is a great opportunity for those within the industry who have some trepidation about returning fully to previous roles as we unlock hospitality across the UK and the world, to make the most of this time and study for a specific MBA, which will undoubtedly enhance their future career progression.

“Our undergraduate programme has seen major growth over the past 12 months, and this postgraduate programme now gives a natural progression route for not only our students but also within the wider university community and industry also. The UWTSD MBA programme has a proven track record, and now this specialised route provides enhanced study opportunities for hospitality professionals also. The programme can be studied either on campus, online or via a blended approach so extremely accessible nationally and globally.

“Having progressing undergraduates, and lecturer colleagues within this first cohort, is proof of the belief that our applicants have in the programme, its teaching methods and content and the core values of UWTSD. This is a very exciting time for us, and I am personally looking forward to this development and encouraging applicants to join us this new term".

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