UWTSD Fine Art students showcase their talent


Final year students from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Swansea College of Art Fine Art course showcased their work at their degree show.

Can we start again?

A private launch of the show entitled ‘Can we start again’ took place virtually on Friday, May 21st. A total of 16 students presented their portfolios, and after working so hard over the past three years there was an element of excitement amongst those involved.

A new website for the Fine Art programme also was unveiled on Friday: www.swansea.art which has been designed and curated by Adam Shailer.

“The name ‘Can We Start Again?’ could be considered as a vague portraying of current events, yet also represents a variety of meaning that isn’t just attributed to contemporary day. From physical solitude to online togetherness, this exhibition navigates a strange time with an overflow of artistic ideas and context. This show truly illustrates the weirdness of now and eccentricity of an assortment of artworks.” Said Zoë Mills, one of the featured artists.

The staff at the department are delighted with the students’ achievements. Professor Sue Williams, Programme Manager of Fine Art said: “Congratulations to our third-year students who have demonstrated great tenacity and creativity to overcome yet another year that has been controlled by Covid19. This particular year group missed out on an exhibition in their 2nd year due to Covid19 and we Fine Art team have been determined that they would experience a physical exhibition for their final year. This exhibition has now been presented as our very first final degree show launched on our new www.swansea.art website. As soon as it was possible our students returned to their studios with all their research and concepts-to-date and together they have created an exciting and professional collective voice “Can We Start Again?” The Fine Art staff are proud and impressed with how these students have not only dealt with the changes created by Covid19 but how they have risen to the challenges with the greatest of resolve.”

Although 2021 has been a challenging year, the students do feel that they’ve had a beneficial experience in their development whilst preparing for their exhibition, and also they’ve had a chance to show off their finished portfolios.

“Due to the fact that we have seen the majority of exploration and work happen at home this year rather than a gradual observation of development in the studios, ‘Can We Start Again?’ Has been an inspiring display of each individual’s practice and the paths it has taken them.” Said one of the students, Ellie Day.

Another featured artist, Owain Sparnon said: “Setting up our exhibition this year was challenging but rewarding. Learning from the lectures and having their guidance and support was invaluable. Discussing and sharing ideas with fellow students was also a worthwhile experience.” 

According to student Lucy Woodrow:  “Our exhibition this year was challenging, but the final product made it worthwhile. To carry on with your practice during a pandemic was eventful, but ‘Can We Start Again?’ Gave us a sense of achievement and allowed us to have a somewhat normal end to our time at Swansea College of Art.”

Rachel Norman, another featured artist mentioned: “Can We Start Again? Has given us an unusual but fitting end to our course after an eventful final year. It has been a great chance for us to all reflect on our time at Swansea College of Art and how it has prepared us for the next stage in our life.”

“Can We Start Again was a wonderful way to celebrate 3 years of an incredibly inspiring and rewarding time at Swansea College of Art. We faced and overcame challenges due to the pandemic, but these challenges offered valuable experiences needed to equip us as practicing artists.” – said artist,  Belinda Golding.

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For more information regarding the ‘Can we Start Again?’ Exhibition,  Contact canwestartagainexhibition@gmail.com

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