UWTSD Students’ Union Celebrating Pride Month.


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Students’ Union is celebrating Pride Month!

Pride Month

As many people know June is Pride month – a month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities. It’s a month to reaffirm the values of equality, acceptance, dignity and increasing awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

Unfortunately students missed out on Pride in-person and parades last year due to lockdown, so this year the Students’ Union decided to create some fun events for students to be able to participate in during this year’s Pride month. The Students’ Union aim is to allow anyone in the community who is feeling isolated to get in contact with other LGBTQ+ students, join the student-led liberation network, and just enjoy Pride, even if it’s from home!

UWTSD’s Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer, Tammy Bowie said: "Lockdown has been incredibly difficult for students, but especially for those who are a part of the LBGTQ+ community. Safe spaces like gay bars are closed, Pride parades have been cancelled, and LGBTQ+ students who are studying from home may be facing additional difficulties. 

 “As a result, our Union officers and staff team have been working hard to create virtual safe spaces that are available through the Students' Union. We are launching an LGBTQ+ page on the SU website later this month with informational resources such as 'How to Safely Wear a Binder' as well as an Identity Glossary, info on safe sex, and community groups students can join.  

 “We've made sure to include a 'quick escape' button so students can browse safely regardless of where they are. We also have a student-led LGBTQ+ Liberation Group where students who are part of the community can meet for virtual socials and share support.”

Pride Month Tattoos

The Students’ Union have already sent out Pride Packs to students, which sold out almost immediately that included a mask or flag in students’ preferred rainbow, biodegradable body glitter, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

On June 14th, a virtual Pride-centred talk with one of the University’s lecturers,  Dr Angus Slater will be held on ‘Assimilation and Liberation in LGBTQ+ Politics, and to end the celebrations there will be an LGBTQ+ themed film event on June 30th.

According to Tammy: “We are really looking forward to celebrating Pride this month at the Students' Union and we hope that both the LGBTQ+ webpage and the LGBTQ+ Liberation group will continue to grow beyond Pride Month so students will always have a safe place to be themselves."

Rhys Dart, Director of Student Services said: “On behalf of the University we welcome and support the work that the Students’ Union is doing through their Pride Month. The events and activities that the Union are co-ordinating are beneficial to our University community and help to showcase UWTSD as an inclusive educational community. As an University we feel that supporting students and staff from the LGBTQ+ community is critically important and is an area we approach very seriously.”

Pride Flag

Note to Editor

For more information regarding the Students’ Union Pride Month visit: 🏳️‍🌈 Pride 2021 @ UWTSD Students' Union (uwtsdunion.co.uk)

Further Information

Lowri Thomas, Principal Communications and PR Officer 

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