Welcome to our former students


UWTSD is always pleased to welcome our former students back to campus and were delighted to see Jennifer and Donald Guy who visited Swansea College of Art today. 

Jennifer and Donald Guy

Both Jennifer and Donald, who are visiting Wales form their home in Hastings, met whilst students at the college more than 50 years ago.

Jennifer came to Swansea in 1967 from Hastings to study the two-year Specialist Art Teachers’ programme before completing a further teaching qualification in Townhill.  Donald, came to study in Swansea from Yorkshire in 1966 and undertook a two-year Fine Art and Architecture programme and also completed a teaching qualification in Townhill.

They had not returned to Swansea in all of those years but have fond memories of their time in the city.

Jennifer went on to teach before specialising in Special Education; Donald used his art and design skills to work as a furniture designer, designing for some of the best homes including in London’s Belgravia and Knightsbridge areas.

Professor Ian Walsh said: “It’s always a pleasure to welcome our former students back to campus and to hear their stories of their time as students at the University and in the city.  Much has changed in Swansea and the University over the past 50 years, but our sense of community remains as strong as ever.  We will be celebrating our bicentenary next year and we hope to attract our former students back to see us and to mark the birthplace of higher education in Wales by laying the foundation stone for St David’s College Lampeter in 1822”.