A month celebrating the Welsh language at Swansea College of Art


Staff and students at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David have been celebrating the use of the Welsh language during March.

Gwobrau Coleg Celf Abertawe

The celebrations began on St David's Day,  when a special lecture was held in the company of artist Meinir Mathias and her daughter Mari. 

Some students were then fortunate enough to receive an award for their commitment to the Welsh language, and for studying through the medium of Welsh. These included students graduating this year, and also students studying the Foundation course and the Film and Television course.

 Lecturer Gwenllian Beynon, who had been busy co-ordinating it all, said,

“It was great to celebrate the Welsh language throughout March this year. The Artists in Residence and I had a lot of fun preparing for the awards. During the planning COVID restrictions were still in force and therefore it was decided not to hold a ceremony with large numbers present. But this made the awards more intimate and special somehow, with small ceremonies across the month. Meinir and Mari's lecture was excellent, and it was a great start to this year's celebrations. Huge congratulations to everyone who won an award this year."

Coleg Celf Abertawe - Gwobrau Gwyl Ddewi

One of this year's award-winning students was Jasmine Star who is studying Fine Art at the University. She said,

“As the only person in my family who can speak Welsh, it is an essential part of my identity. It is important to me that I use the language within my creative work and beyond.  Winning this award means a lot for these reasons.”

For Stella Hubbar Smith, another student studying Fine Art,

“Being a Welsh artist is important to me because being bilingual shapes the context of my work.”

Emily Sullivan who studies photography said,

“It is an exceptional privilege to be able to speak Welsh, it has benefited me, and has brought opportunities that would not otherwise have presented themselves.”

Rhys O'Leary, Furniture and Product Design student added,

“The Welsh language has helped me to connect with other Welsh people in my field all over the world.”

And for Lynwen Hammond who is studying Film and Television,

“As a mature student, I haven’t written in the Welsh language for over forty years. I have enjoyed the experience and intend to write further short scripts for drama and documentaries in Welsh.”

At the end of March, it was the technicians' turn to receive awards, but this time the awards included technicians from the IQ building, Dynevor, and Alex, as well as Carmarthen.  These awards were to support staff and students with the Welsh language within their role at the University.

Adam Howell said,

“Thank you very much for this. It is somewhat unexpected because I do not exactly speak Welsh beyond a very elementary level, but I am definitely passionate in my support for protecting the language and helping our Welsh students. It is pleasing that the support effort is recognised by the University.”

Lecturer Peter Spriggs added,

“Higher Education is constantly changing. An important change is the increasing emphasis on the use of Welsh and bilingualism. It is a challenge and a pleasure to find strategies to present information, engage and excite Art and Design students and staff so that the Welsh language is a natural and characteristic part of experiences.”

Cameron Ridgeway said,

“It is an honour to work alongside individuals who also share the same love of the Welsh language and a passion for creativity. And it is a pleasure to know that my fellow Welsh-speaking staff and students have felt my continued support and dedication to them.”

Gwobrau Gwyl Ddewi - Coleg Celf Abertawe

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