Carmarthen alumni celebrate their 30th reunion during UWTSD’s bicentennial year


Teresa, Melinda and Marie have been meeting every year since graduation, with the exception of lockdown. Teresa Barrett, who completed a four-year BEd Hons in English and Drama in 1996 and is now a Year 2 and Key Stage 1 Phonics Co-ordinator said: “We meet up once a year and usually stay in each other’s homes, but as this was thirty years it had to be Carmarthen. We are always in touch through our WhatsApp group and during the pandemic we Zoom called. Whenever we get together, we always laugh about our time in Uni and go through the photo albums. It was a special time and very special bonds were formed.”

Carmarthen alumni celebrate their 30th reunion during UWTSD’s bicentennial year.

Marie Smith completed a BA Hons in Theatre Studies and Religious Studies. Marie applied to study at Trinity through clearing and originally considered attending a different university but found the campus and Carmarthen so welcoming, she did not hesitate to accept her place, and has many fond memories of her studies. Marie has had a twenty-year career in training, and now works part-time for a children’s cancer charity. Marie said “Never again will I be in a place surrounded by exciting, fresh minds from so many different walks of life. Maybe that's university life but I loved it. There were creative, thoughtful, unusual, outspoken people there and I met some friends for life. I loved my lectures, I found my theatre workshops amazing, and I loved the cultural aspect of the RE. My lecturers were passionate and knowledgeable. “

Carmarthen alumni celebrate their 30th reunion during UWTSD’s bicentennial year.

Melinda Craddock, a Deputy Headteacher in Merthyr Tydfil studied for a BEd Hons in English and Drama, completing teaching training alongside her degree. Melinda said: “I have such fond memories of my time at Trinity. My parents always laughed because i was usually one of the first to arrive back each term and one of the last to leave. Wednesdays and Fridays were always union nights, we would start in town, but always ended at the Student’s Union. It was where you met up with everyone and where you got the best gossip! It was always cheaper to get in if you dressed up on theme nights, like Halloween and valentines. Sunday night was pub quiz in the Loft bar, it could get competitive bit it was always a laugh. University was sometimes too small, in the sense that everyone knew your business but the flipside of this was everyone looked after each other, there was a real sense of community.”

What these friends have in common is their shared love of Carmarthen and of their university experience, from summer balls to fancy dress competitions, mass snowball fights in the winter to carpet surfing along Dewi B corridor. Teresa saw Carmarthen as her second home and the trio love meeting up to reminisce. As Marie concluded: “To each other, we're not a mum or wife or teacher or manager, we're Marie, Melinda & Teresa, the 18-year-old students.” We wish them many more happy years of reunions as UWTSD proudly celebrates its bicentenary.

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