Father builds on knowledge and shares university skills with family


After emigrating from Bulgaria 5 years ago, Vasil Stoev built a new life with his partner and young daughter in the UK and begun studying BA Business Management at UWTSD Birmingham, while finding time for hobbies like fishing, camping and playing guitar.

Though Vasil studied back home in Bulgaria, he was unable to finish his course at the time, but has now re-entered education after a long gap. “It’s very important in life… To help get a proper job it’s best to have a good university degree,” he says.

During his educational interval, he immersed himself in a career in IT, gaining “more than 10 years of IT support experience for middle-sized and enterprise businesses, and 5 years of web design and development.”

But now he wants to take the reins of his own project: “I want to establish my own business, and I think the best way to learn how to do it is to study a business management course at university. I’m aiming to have my own business management software company, or to become an IT manager.”

“So far on the course I’ve studied accounting fundamentals, community engagement and the modern workplace,” Vasil explains. “I’ve learned some basic accounting as well as advanced financial reports. I really liked the ‘modern workplace’ topic – we studied what it takes to be a manager and a leader, and how to manage yourself first.

“I definitely recommend this course as it provides the main skills and knowledge you need to become a manager or have your own successful business. For me, as a foreigner, the language is the main challenge because it’s a bit difficult to write in proper formal and academic style, as well as to read the needed literature for my studies. But the teachers are very helpful, they explain everything in detail and point me to the main points I need to read from the recommended literature.

“The course has helped me a lot in developing my communication, management and professional skills on many levels. My English has improved on a massive scale and my time management and planning skills are much better now.”

Vasil likes to share what he learns with his partner at home to help her build her own business, and finds it useful to talk to someone each day about what he has learnt to embed the topics and subjects more deeply. “The University is not only changing my life, but also my family’s life, and we are very grateful for that.”

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