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The Wales-Ducere Online MBA: One Year Plus Major Industry Project

This programme is subject to revalidation.

This innovative MBA is not only practical and industry-focused, it provides the flexibility to complete a full-time master's degree anytime, anywhere, whilst continuing to work.

Delivered online over 12 months, plus an industry project of up to 12 months, students will progress through collaborative modules and assessments.


You can apply directly to the University using the Apply Now button at the top of the page. 

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Contact Email: laura.james@uwtsd.ac.uk
Contact Name: Laura James


Why choose this course?

  1. Benefit from the power of two award-winning business schools*
  2. Enjoy personalised student support**
  3. Engage in collaborative learning with students from around the world.
  4. Study when it suits you with HD videos, unmatched academic support, and no exams.
  5. Learn from dynamic insights from over 250 Ducere Global Leaders, including former Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, Global Leaders, CEOs and Business Innovators.

*UWTSD ranked 1st in the UK for Student Satisfaction in Teaching Quality in Business Studies - The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018.
UWTSD ranked 1st for Courses and Lecturers in the WhatUni Awards 2020.

**UWTSD 2018/19 ranked 1st in UK for overall postgraduate taught satisfaction In Business and Administration (out of 81 participating HEIs).

What you will learn

Course Overview

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to have academic learning: Employers expect more.

Learning from the collective experience of other students and the world’s elite, who have all made significant achievements in their careers, accelerates the learning process and exposes you to an unprecedented breadth of leadership and business experience.

Learners will re-think business approaches by engaging together online, sharing and interrogating existing practice, and driving change through an online collaborative learning community.

Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment

The student online virtual learning environment is clearly distinguished from traditional online delivery methods, through its achievement of immersion and engagement, the use of collaboration tools, and a strong relevance to real business contexts.

Your learning experience is delivered through a leading enterprise collaboration platform. Reflecting a corporate intranet portal, you’ll communicate and collaborate, as well as access resources and support. You’ll engage with learning and assessment tasks in a manner closely aligned to real-world corporate experience.

Enhanced Support

Ducere and UWTSD both have significant experience of supporting learners at a distance. You will receive a dedicated student experience manager throughout your studies, helping you benefit from a programme of study that is designed to be relevant to your current work.

You will be engaging regularly with other MBA students as well as your tutors, learning with other people in different locations and in different business contexts, giving you an opportunity to experience a range of different perspectives.

Dynamic Insights from Global Leaders, CEO'S and Business Innovators

Aligning formal academic content with learnings shared by the Global Leaders Faculty enhances your learning process and gives you a greater level of applied understanding.

Ducere’s Global Leaders Faculty is made up of over 250 of the world’s most successful individuals, from former Presidents and Prime Ministers to CEOs, Business Innovators and Successful Startup Creators. Their insights are available for students so they can relate their academic studies to practical and industry-relevant case studies at every stage of their education journey.

The MBA programme consists of two parts:

Part 1 consists of six taught modules, delivered over 12 months. These modules will cover a range of relevant business areas, such as finance, marketing, and management strategy, covering up-to-date academic and practitioner material.

Part 2 is a significant applied research project and takes up to 12 months, depending on the pace of the individual student. This piece of work can focus on the student's workplace or any other business issue the student wishes to research in-depth.

Students who complete three 20-credit modules can graduate with an award of PG Certificate (or six modules gains a PG Diploma).

Module Topics

Part I (PGCert, PGDip & MBA)

  • Change & Stability Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Finance for Business Managers (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Global Business Challenges (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Human Resource Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Marketing Management (20 credits; compulsory)
  • Strategic Management (20 credits; compulsory).

Part II (MBA)

  • Integrated Case Study (60 credits; compulsory).

With no exams, assessments include a range of written and visual assignments. Our focus is on the interrogation of theory through the context of work. The online MBA focuses its teaching and learning on the benefits that can be gained from interaction between learners, their tutors and high-quality research and industry led resources.

All assessments will be submitted online and will build and reflect on the collaborative activity within the modules. The tutor will provide formative and summative feedback and will be available for further clarification of feedback, if requested by the student.

Progression and award will comply with the standard University regulations for Master's programmes. Arrangement for re-sit work will be provided through the University VLE. All assessments are individual coursework built on collaborative engagement in the weekly learning activities and/or related to individual professional contexts.

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Insights from Global Leaders

Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

Key Information

Entry Criteria

You be individually considered for admission using the following criteria: 

  • Normally, the possession of a minimum of a 2:2 honours degree, or an appropriate equivalent, i.e. a professional qualification, from a recognised British or overseas institution.
  • It is preferred that applicants are employed in an organisation or have significant working experience, so they can draw on their professional context for learning.
  • Demonstrably appropriate motivation and ambition for studying for an MBA.
  • Fulfilling the essential criteria for admission to the MBA Programmes, which is primarily the applicant’s ability to complete the programme satisfactorily and benefit from it.

Applicants who do not fully satisfy the general criteria will be considered and may be admitted if they are able to demonstrate they are capable of successfully undertaking and completing the programme at the required standard, and are able to contribute fully to, and benefit from, the learning experiences delivered within the programme.

There is no requirement for attendance in the UK for the MBA online/distance learning programme.

Applicants who have already been taught and assessed in languages other than English should have demonstrable confidence to study through the English language equivalent to IELTS 6.0.

Applicants must have suitable access to computer equipment so that they can access the University VLE.

Admission criteria and entry qualifications for the MBA Programmes may also include the applicant having equivalent of:-

  • A non-honours bachelor's degree in a related or cognate subject from a UK university and relevant evidenced experience (normally equivalent to or comparable with two years)
  • An honours degree from a UK University in a non-related or cognate subject where the applicant has evidenced relevant experience (normally equivalent to or comparable with two years)
  • An equivalent certificated degree from a non-UK institution to those specified in (i) and (ii) above.
  • Non-degree qualifications such as the Higher National Diploma in related subjects (e.g. EdExel), or equivalent overseas qualifications, where the applicant has appropriate employment experience. (normally equivalent to or comparable with a minimum of three years)
  • Qualifications from relevant Professional Bodies, which are at a level below UK Honours Degree but demonstrate relevant professional experience,(normally equivalent to or comparable with a minimum of three years) 

Candidates with related employment fields, or related area/discipline/subject experience, or defined voluntary experience or similar related employment field experience may be admitted to the programme without a degree or degree equivalent qualifications if they can demonstrate their potential to meet the learning requirements of the programme.

Advanced Entry with APL/APCL Credit 
Entrants with relevant and acceptable professional accreditation will be considered for exemptions.  Note: accreditation already received in qualifications are not admissible. 

Normally, all applicants at postgraduate level can be interviewed. An offer of a place may be made based on the application form alone including academic history, a personal statement and a reference.

International students, for whom English is not the first language, are subject to additional requirements and will be requested to provide evidence of sufficient command of spoken and written English to meet the demands of the MBA Programmes. Normally an IELTs test score of 6.0 or 232 for the computer test or evidence or supplied references to working for a period of more than one year through the medium of English.

Career Opportunities

If you're seeking managerial employment and/or career advancement, an MBA is considered to be a highly valued qualification by employers.

The Online MBA with Ducere and UWTSD is entirely dedicated to the employability skills that industry wants and needs, highlighted in a report by the World Economic Forum; the top three skills required by the workforce will be complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Working in a rich and Internationally diverse group of students within the programme, their context along with the insights of over 250 global leaders and business innovators in our Global Leaders Faculty, provides significant additional content to your learning.

Additional Costs

It is possible to complete this programme of study without any additional costs.

Regular Private/Public access to an Internet-accessible computer is expected from applicants.

Students may wish to purchase materials for modules, such as books, may do so but this is not a requirement and will have no bearing on the final grade.

Student Quotes

"The program gives candidates real experience in terms of how corporate innovation actually works."
JULIAN Former Group Executive – Brand, Innovation and Technology, Spotless, Ducere MBA Alumni

"The Global Faculty is enormously valuable… it delivers learning outcomes the textbook can’t"
BEN Farstad Shipping, Chief Officer, Ducere MBA Alumni

"It is clear that Ducere care about my learning. Every part of the program is thought out..."
SCOTT KPMG Management Consulting, Ducere MBA Alumni

Bursary / Scholarship Information

In recent years, all online/distance learning programmes at UWTSD have benefitted from a £1,000 Bursary application scheme:
See our Scholarships and Bursaries section.

Further Information

Your enrolment into the Ducere and UWTSD Online MBA has a far-reaching effect on the education of children across Africa.

Ducere is a social enterprise that delivers pioneering education initiatives in Australia, Africa and the UK. Higher education programs delivered by the Ducere Global Business School fund the ground-breaking publishing, school development and mentorship work of the Ducere Foundation, providing unique learning and leadership opportunities in 21 African nations.

Further information can be found on the Ducere Global Business School website.