Our students are at the heart of everything we do

At the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, our students are at the heart of everything we do so we asked some of our current and former students to share their experiences with us.

Physical Education (MA)

Environmental Conservation and Management (MSc)

"I would just like to take the time to express how valuable I have found my Environmental Management and Conservation (MSc). The course itself is very diverse, covering all dimensions of the environmental and sustainability agenda, providing an invaluable platform of knowledge from which I attribute to helping me obtain my position on the Climate Change Team here at Coventry City Council. I would particularly commend the modules in Environmental Management and Wastes and Resource Management, as these enveloped my particular interests within the field and led to my choice of dissertation from which I was given the opportunity to work alongside Defra and the Environment Agency; which aided me hugely in my professional development. Alongside the excellent range of modules available, I found all lecturers to be highly knowledgeable and extremely supportive, making the course all the more enjoyable and providing me with an excellent grounding for a career in the field." - Rhian Jones, Sustainability Consultant 

Theology (PhD)  (Christian Ethics)

Medieval Studies (MA)

“I had been away from formal study for some time and had not studied at postgraduate level so my expectations were general - interest, challenge and new areas.  It has met these expectations well… I could not find a taught medieval master’s locally in Melbourne. This was the best distance learning course I could find in terms of the modules it offered and UWTSD has experience in distance learning study…  [The best things about the course are] the module content, essay feedback and prompt and supportive emails from the tutor.” - Anna Wells, Medieval Studies (MA) (online), Melbourne, Australia

Industrial Design (MSc)

"I did the Master's course part-time while doing a full-time job and so it was difficult to find time to get in to University; the tutors were extremely helpful and flexible.  I could drop in and they would make time for a meeting." - Matt Bellis, Industrial Design (MSC) (part-time), Flintshire, Wales

Fine Art (MA): Contemporary Dialogues

Textiles (MA): Contemporary Dialogues

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the MA Textiles; it has given me the time, support and focused environment to develop my creative practice.  I have most valued the access to equipment and facilities and have found the staff's technical and theoretical knowledge invaluable.  I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to develop their practice and critical thinking" - Lucy Read, Texiles (MA): Contemporary Dialogues

Lean and Agile Manufacturing (MSc)

Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (MA)

“I've always wanted to do my MA, but life and finances always seemed to get in the way.  When I saw this MA, I knew it was a programme I needed to do and it seemed like the right time to take part.  I also had experienced some major changes in myself and in my life that motivated me to review the dreams that I have always had and make them a reality… The course content fascinates me and the format (online) works for me.  I love the subject matter and it relates to my previous experience both academically and experientially.  I am looking for 'deep' answers to questions and this course provides me with direction in answering those questions…

“Overall, I am happy with the course as a whole so it's difficult to choose just one thing that is best.  I think this course is unique and innovative and gives me an opportunity to study ideas that may seem to rest outside the Academy… I chose to study with UWTSD because the MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology really appealed to me.  (Also, I really love Wales even though I'm not really there... hopefully doing the MA will give me a good reason and opportunity to visit in person!)” - Caroline Denby, MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (MA) (online), Ontario, Canada

Property and Facilities Management (MSc)

"The MSc has provided an invaluable insight into the diverse components of facilities management, and has been a pleasant and positive learning experience" - Rob Peake, Facilities Management (MSc), UK

Environmental Conservation and Management (MSc)

"The MSc provided me the opportunity to visit Azores and Antalya (Turkey) to study environmental management." - Tania Wadham, Environmental Consultant

Creative Writing (MA)

"Over my five years on the MA I have had the opportunity to explore not only the theory and practice of traditional genres, like short fiction and poetry, but also screenwriting and radio drama.  This allowed me to discover where my talents might lie across a broad spectrum of writing." - Ros Hudis, Creative and Script Writing (MA)(part-time), Aberystwyth, Wales

Education (MA)

Medieval Studies (Postgraduate Certificate)

“I am enjoying it so far. My tutor (and all the other staff I have dealt with) is very knowledgeable and helpful and the subject matter is fascinating… I knew that I wanted to study medieval history and was particularly attracted to the course because it dealt with monastic history and had a tutor who was a recognised authority in that area.  Also because it was available to study by distance learning and the cost is very reasonable” - Stephanie O’Donoghue, Medieval Studies (PG Cert) (online), Suffolk, UK

Transportation Design (MA)

"The freedom and self-direction of the Master's course allowed me to expand my skill base with a project that I am really enthusiastic about.  The lecturers are always available to offer advice - and don't be surprised if they get as enthusiastic about your project as you are. The University has a wealth of tools and resources as well as the opportunity to engage with peers and industry professionals.  I would highly recommend this Master's course to anyone who is considering furthering their education." - Ben Hammonds, Transportation Design (MA), Swansea, UK

Classical Studies (MA)

“I’m very satisfied with the online learning materials and contact with tutors”. - Diane Stankaitis, lassical Studies (MA) (online), Leeds, UK

Lean and Agile Manufacturing (MSc)

Latin (Postgraduate Certificate)

“I am largely a self-directed learner, so the distance programme suits me to a T.

Faculty and other contacts have been friendly and helpful when I needed help. It’s a very supportive environment without being intrusive.

“American PG Distance Latin programmes are almost non-existent, and those that are have stern, forbidding websites. The website for UWTSD has a friendly feel to it; I had the impression that the programme was geared toward accommodating students rather than vice versa. I teach history and philosophy at a small American university, and my approach is to make students feel as welcome as possible. When necessary, I accommodate their unique circumstances so that they have every chance to succeed in their coursework. UWTSD seemed to exemplify that same approach. It felt like it would be a good fit for me and so it has proved to be!” - Carrie Bates, Latin (PG Cert) (online), Potsdam, New York, USA 

Photography (MA): Contemporary Dialogues

"I have loved the MA Contemporary Dialogues course because the multi-disciplinary aspect of it has made it stimulating and challenging, as well as allowing me to branch out in creative directions that previously I had never thought of. The course allowed me time, and the tutors expected me to experiment with a number of different approaches to my work." - Phil McAthey, Photography (MA), UK 

Design and Technology (PGCE)

Medieval Studies (MA)

“I like both the course subjects and the module conveners who have all given good feedback on assignments… I first chose to study with UWTSD as they offered a distance learning programme in a field in which I was interested.  I enjoyed my time as a DL student and decided to continue on with another programme which was also of interest to me.” -Christopher Garwood, Medieval Studies (MA) (online), Manchester, UK

Philosophy (MA)

“Very helpful staff (academic and support) - and good communication… I was looking for a challenge, outside of my working life and philosophy has been an ongoing interest.  The curriculum looked challenging, but interesting and the discussions with staff prior to application were informative and supportive. The institution appeared to understand the challenges of postgraduate distance learning. All of this made UWTSD and MA Philosophy natural choices.” - Martin Whitworth, Philosophy (MA) (online), Banbury, UK

Professional Practice (MA)