Section 5 – Our policies and procedures

Section 5 – Our policies and procedures

5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting university business – still to be identified

5.2 Policies and procedures relating to academic services

5.3 Policies and procedures relating to student services

 5.4 Policies and procedures relating to human resources

5.5 Records management and personal data policies

  • (a) Information security policies
  • (b) Record retention policy
  • (c) Destruction policies and procedures
  • (d) Archive policies
  • (e) Data Protection, including data sharing policies
  • (f) Fileplans

5.6 Research policy and strategy – some still to be identified

  • (a) Quality assurance procedures and policies
  • (b) Intellectual property policies
  • (c) Terms of reference of Ethics committee
  • (d) Applications and approval information from the Ethics committee
  • (f) Policy, strategy and procedures relating to knowledge transfer and enterprise

5.7 Publicly funded research outputs and data

Information on any publicly funded research or a direct link to its outcomes, reports etc.

5.8 Charging regimes and policies – still to be identified

Details of any statutory charging regimes

  • (a) Charges routinely charged for any information, including details of how they are recovered, the basis on how they are made and how they are calculated