As part of UWTSD, postgraduates are in a very good position to give feedback on their experience of study and it is this that enables the University to identify and respond to needs.

At a time when the University is investing in the postgraduate research environment, this feedback provides key information in developing our provision and means we can continue to enhance your experience throughout your research/programme.

Each campus of the University’s campuses in Swansea, Carmarthen, Lampeter and London have a postgraduate student representative. This is a very useful and valuable process, which represents your views, and allows the vitality, depth and knowledge of the postgraduate research community to directly inform university provision and developments.

The main purpose of the postgraduate student representative role is to:

  • Represent postgraduates & help to improve the postgrad experience at UWTSD
  • Ensure that the postgrad voice is heard within UWTSD and beyond
  • Raise awareness of UWTSD postgraduate activities amongst the wider postgraduate community

Three student representatives attend the University’s Research Degrees Committee (non-reserved business), and as such play an active part in discussions and decision making around a range of issues.

If you want any advice or help with any academic or research issue, please do not hesitate to contact your Campus postgraduate representative through the Students' Union

How do I become a postgraduate student representative?

Nominations are considered each Spring at the Postgraduate Research Experience Fair.  Details will be circulated in January each year.

What will my main responsibilities be?

  • Attend the Central Research Degrees Committee
  • Help organize and attend postgraduate events throughout the year at faculty and University level
  • Be available to help in research student issues and concerns, and liaise with the relevant bodies in a professional manner
  • Publicise postgraduate activities to the University research community and beyond


  • Enhances your CV and offers experience of representing the interests of a large group at a high-level decision-making body
  • Working with diverse colleagues towards common goals
  • Developing a depth of understanding of relevant issues and the confidence and skills to achieve these goals

Will this count toward my UWTSD RDP Units?

Yes. Being a Rep will count as 1 Unit (per year) from the 10 recommended ‘informal’ activities.

Researcher Development Framework

Being a Rep will work directly to address the following areas of professional development on the Researcher Development Framework:

Domain C. Research Governance and Organisation
C1. Professional Conduct
Legal Requirements
Respect and Confidentially
Domain D. Engagement, Influence and Impact
D1. Working with Others
Team work
Influence and Leadership
Equality and Diversity