A strong multidisciplinary research grouping that covers work from contemporary linguistics and education to Celtic language, religion and identity in the ancient and medieval worlds.

Research in Celtic culture, language and identity is centred in the School of Welsh and Bilingual Studies, but can also be found in the School of Classics and the school of Archaeology, History and Anthropology.

The multidisciplinary grouping includes research and supervision in areas such as Celtic literature and music, Welsh folk life and folk culture, Welsh theatre, Celtic language, identity and religion in the Roman period, the historic Welsh landscape, Celtic medieval history,  monastic and Episcopal history. 

Research supervision undertaken in the Faculty of Education and Training includes applied studies in Welsh language and bilingualism from sociolinguistic, applied linguistic, dialectological and educational perspectives.

  • Applied linguistics,
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Dialectology
  • Medieval Welsh religious history
  • The cult of the Virgin Mary
  • The history of the nunneries in medieval Wales
  • Virginity literature
  • Medieval Welsh religious history, Saints’ cults and literature
  • Medieval Welsh poetry and prose
  • Ballads; 
  • Plygain carols;
  • Ehnological studies;
  • Welsh theatre (with special reference to the eighteenth-century interludes)
  • Publishing in Wales.