Established in 1822, Lampeter has a distinguished research tradition, which not only has a global perspective but also attends to contemporary concerns.

We take pride in knowing our scholarship is accessible beyond the academy and strive to ensure it attends to today’s challenges (sustainability, climate change and globalisation). Research at Lampeter does exactly that. Read more

Our research adopts a firm interdisciplinary perspective. This framework creates a lively environment that expands the traditional into the contemporary and draws the past into the present through engagement with ancient cultures and modern communities specifically.

Our work brings the past to life and interrogates the present, so as to inspire a better, informed future. This is achieved, through a number of interweaving research foci, drawing upon projects in Wales, the UK, the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Middle East, Africa, China and the Americas that together cohere into a global perspective of humanity.

These diverse, yet interconnected themes, allow us to bridge past and present and feed into our world-class, research-led teaching.