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Our research spans a number of different interests, from textual exegesis to critical theory, and crosses time, from ancient Egypt and early Greek narrative to modern performance, passing though the literatures of the Roman Empire, the Chinese world, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern period.

Our primary focus is the spoken and written word. Creative writing publications in prose, poetry and drama sit alongside, and are informed by, research on contemporary texts. Interests lie through as well as within time periods: for instance, in the reception of the epic tradition or the portrayal of the nightingale.

Stimulus is given through cross-over with interests in science (as shown by the study of texts in the context of anatomy) and material culture (as evidenced by a project on the literary depiction of Roman textiles).

Narratological literature continues to be a focus of study for the Classicists since the founding in 2004 of KYKNOS, the Swansea and Lampeter centre for research on the narrative literatures of the ancient world.

Research Activities

The Cult of Saints in Wales (Prof. Jane Cartwright) 

AHRC-funded research project- transcriptions, editions and translations of hagiographical texts, along with images of the manuscripts and public lectures will be made available throughout 2017 on the project website.

F.E.R.C.A.N Project (Dr Ralph Haeussler)

The aim of the F.E.R.C.AN. (Fontes epigraphici religionum celticarum antiquarum) project is a better understanding of ‘Celtic’ deities, cults and religion(s) in Iron Age and Roman Europe. The project focusses on the analysis of the rich epigraphic evidence in Latin (as well as Celtiberic, Lepontic, Gallo-Greek, Gallo-Latin ones) in a wider socio-religious context.

Middle English Texts (Dr William Marx, FLSW, FEA, FRHS)

William Marx is one of three general editors for the series Middle English Texts; the other general editors are Dr Margaret Connolly from the University of St Andrews and Professor Hans Sauer of the University of Munich.  This is a long-term international project to make available critical editions of previously unpublished texts composed in or translated into Middle English.  The series is published by Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg.  It was established in 1975 and to date has published 54 volumes, with a number of editions in preparation. Volume editors are from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, US, Canada, and Japan.

William is a Member of the Council of the Early English Text Society.

In press or in preparation

Bunt, Gary. ‘The Qur’an and the Internet’, chapter in Maria Dakake and Dan Madigan, Eds. Routledge Companion to the Qur’an (in press)

Haeussler, Ralph (with contributions by A.C. King, R. Jackson and R. Tomlin). Corpus-F.E.R.C.AN. (Fontes Epigraphici Religionis Celticae Antiquae), fascicule: Britannia. Wien/Vienna: ÖAW, The Austrian Academy of Science. 2 vols. (in preparation for 2017-2018).

Haeussler, Ralph. Corpus-F.E.R.C.AN. (Fontes Epigraphici Religionis Celticae Antiquae), fascicule Gallia Narbonensis. Wien/Vienna: ÖAW, The Austrian Academy of Science. 2 vols. (in preparation for 2017-2018).

Jansen, Thomas. “The Sacralization of Landscape as Memory Space in Early Medieval China.” In: R. Haeussler, E.M. Betts, G. F. Chiai (eds.). Sacred Landscapes: Creation, Manipulation & Transformation. Oxford: Oxbow, forthcoming.

Zinn, Katharina. Creation and conservation of Sacred Landscapes: Amarna and Abydos – keeping the spirit alive? In: R. Haeussler, E.M. Betts, G. F. Chiai (eds.). Sacred Landscapes: Creation, Manipulation & Transformation. Oxford: Oxbow, forthcoming.

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A seclection of recent events 

March 2017: Dr Maria Fleischhack, Leipzig University “Narrating Ancient Egypt: Egypt in the 19th and early 20th century Victorian Literature”

February 2017:  Dr William Marx, ‘John Warrin’s Great Book: National Library of Wales MS 5006’, Aberystwyth Bibliographical Group, Methodist Centre, Aberystwyth.

November 2016: Dr Amy Maitland, UCL “Hands in Context: Gesture, Communication and Meaning in Maya Art”

January 2016: BANEA Conference Sacred Nature & Structuring the Sacred: Constructing and Re-Writing Sacred Landscapes in the Ancient Near East. Convenors: Dr Ralph Haeussler (UWTSD), Gian Franco Chiai (BBAW, Berlin)

November 2015: Dr Peter Mitchell, ‘Pilgrimage “into the maine”: Anatomical and Colonial Encounter in Works by John Donne and Samuel Purchas’, The Marcher Metaphysicals, Gregynog Hall, Powys: conference of the George Herbert Society and the Vaughan Association, organised by Bangor University and Aarhus Universitet.

September 2015:  Dr William Marx, ‘Middle English Texts: Past, Present, and Future’, conference ‘Editing and Interpretation: Literatures of Medieval England’, University of Hull.

July 2015:  Dr William Marx, ‘Refashioning the Life of St Ursula: Chronicle and Legend’, conference ‘Telling Tales: Manuscripts, Books and the Making of Narrative’, Early Book Society Conference, Saint Anne’s College, Oxford.

October 2014: Dr William Marx, ‘The Devil as Advocate in Medieval Literature’, English Research Seminars, University of Hull.

October 2014: Dr Peter Mitchell, ‘Early Modern Anatomical Book Illustration’, Aberystwyth Bibliographical Group, National Library of Wales.

October 2014: Dr Peter Mitchell, ‘Figuring Cardio-vascular Anatomy in Phineas Fletcher’s Purple Island (1633)’, Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS) research seminar series.

August 2014: Workshop on the internet and Islam (chair, convener and presenter: Prof. Gary Bunt): ‘Islamic Big Data.’ International Society for Media, Religion and Culture, International Conference. University of Canterbury.

May 2014: ConferenceSacred Landscapes: Creation, Manipulation & Transformation”. Convenor: Dr Ralph Haeussler (UWTSD).

May 2014:  Dr William Marx, contributions to workshop on the culture of the medieval Welsh Marches, St John’s College, Oxford.

May 2014:  Dr William Marx, contributions to Early English Text Society, postgraduate training conference on editing, St Anne’s College, Oxford

April 2014:   Dr William Marx, ‘Affective Piety and Editing the Middle English Liber Aureus and Gospel of Nicodemus’, Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.

Academic year 2016-17: Extracurricular interactive workshops with Dr Maria Fleischhack (Leipzig University) on narrating history and cultures, covering Creative Writing, English, History and Egyptology:

  • The many faces of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Return of the Mummy – Ancient Egypt and the British Empire

Dr Peter Mitchell, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, has curated several exhibitions on John Milton, for example:

April 2012: ‘John Milton: First and Early Editions; Burgess and the Authorship Controversy over De doctrina christiana ’, Roderic Bowen Library & Archives, UW Trinity Saint David (in conjunction with the Society for Renaissance Studies Inaugural Annual Welsh Lecture)

The Faculty publishes its own student-led journal of undergraduate research, The Student Researcher.


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