Daniel White

Daniel White

My name is Daniel White, I’m currently studying MA Physical Education full-time at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David on the Carmarthen campus. Once I had decided to study a Masters’ Degree there was no doubt where I wanted to go, having already completed my BA Physical Education Degree in Carmarthen, I wanted to return.

A goal of mine from a young age has been to become a PE teacher and after graduating with my first degree my intention was to study a PGCE. After consideration, I knew that I was more interested in developing my knowledge and looking at PE as a whole before becoming a qualified teacher.

The Masters course is fantastic and very adaptable; it suits a range of needs. It generally runs as a distance learning course where MA PE and MA Outdoor Education courses meet up at the weekend every six weeks. These weekends would be with a tutor and would normally be when deadlines are agreed and content for modules are discussed. The weekends are a great opportunity to meet up with other people on either MA PE or MA Outdoor Education, the atmosphere is great and everyone gets to discuss subjects that are being looked at over the weekend or current projects.

The course doesn’t only cater for distance learning, I currently live in Carmarthen and the University offers me many brilliant opportunities and the lecturers offer me great assistance whenever I need it. I am very privileged to be able to work closely with people who are experts in their field, these people include Dr Nalda Wainwright, Professor Jacqueline Goodway, Dr Andy Williams, Ceredig Emanuel and many more.  Their knowledge has allowed me to learn new ways of thinking and develop my understanding of Physical Education.

The course is challenging and rewarding, always asking you to think about things critically and extending your understanding and ideas. I am currently just over half way through my first year with my second year solely focused on my dissertation. I hope to incorporate fundamental motor skills into my dissertation as they have been something that the Masters course has increased my awareness of and I have come to understand their importance.  Carmarthen is a great place to study, especially for PE or Outdoor Education students as there are a range of opportunities in the surrounding areas which the University makes the most of.

I have enjoyed the course immensely so far and eagerly anticipate graduating with my MA.