Alex Bell

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Dr Alex Bell PhD (Lancs), MSc, PGCert UTL (UNN), MA (Open), BEng (Cardiff)

Senior Lecturer in Business and Digital Learning

Tel: +44 (0) 1267 676623

Programme Manager for online MBA Masters in Business Administration and for the MA Technology Enhanced Learning. Lead on the development of Technology Enhanced Learning provision across all disciplines.

Alex began his experience as a lecturer at Newcastle Business School where his interests in business learning and the use of technology in business began. He has been a senior lecturer in business at Carmarthen for 14 years where he is the online learning postgraduate programme leader for the MBA and MA TEL. He completed a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning at the Centre for Advanced Learning Technology CSALT and continues to focus on how Technology changes how we live work and learn.

Teaching areas are related to eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Learning and Technology in the workplace.

Alex’s research interests relate to eLearning and how in particular professional practice can be mediated through digital communication technologies. He is currently supervising doctoral students in the area of factors that influence innovation adoption of technologies, such as SMART technologies by consumers.  Alex would currently be interested in online learning or eLearning research ideas.

Alex has been involved in several International research projects spanning Europe and North Africa.  He is currently the project manager for the European transfer of innovation project: VocTEL (Vocational Technology Enhanced Learning) and has recently run an International conferencefor vocational TEL in Athens.

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Alex has been an external examiner at Northumbria University, Loughborough University and Leeds Metropolitan University.  He has also been a member of the society for research in higher education for some time and has been an associate lecturer with the Institute for Education Technology for 10 years.