Alice Surgy

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Alice Surgy BA, PGCE



I lead students through circuit training so that they can gain an understanding of their leadership styles and approaches.

Modules Taught: Leading Self and Leading in action.

I have been a student for the last five years with a high emphasis on the education industry. I travelled to America to coach football which provided me with critical intercultural skills that I apply to my day today. By working in both the hospitality and the education industry, I can give current examples to the theories that I am teaching.


  • BA International Sports Management
  • PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and Training

I am highly interested in green marketing and the implications of it within today’s society, hence why it is the topic I am currently undertaking for my MBA qualification.

In the future, I would like to expand my teaching portfolio to the marketing segment as I am very interested in this sector.

I also have a high affiliation with sports and the health industry and therefore would like to continue to explore and expand my knowledge within those two sectors.

I researched the impact of game sense theory within a hockey club in Wales for my undergraduate degree

For my PCET, I studied the effect of behaviourism in teaching. For my MBA, I have researched a wide variety of topics but currently investigating the impact of green marketing on consumer behaviour.

Sports management, public services and skills for the workplace are the only three degrees I have taught in; however, the array of topics within these disciplines allows me to expand into other markets such as marketing, leadership and coaching.