Andrew Gibson

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Andrew Gibson CertEd; MSc PD ; MSc RPD

Senior Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000

BSc Programme Director for:

  • BSc Automotive Engineering
  • BSc Motorsport Engineering
  • 2012 Moderator for International Foundation Programme City School of Languages.
  • 2012 Moderator for International Foundation Programme for Inlingua Swansea.
  • 2011(Completed 6 years) External Examiner, University Hull / North Lindsey College foundation Degree Automotive Technologies
  • 2011(Completed 5 years) External Examiner, University Oxford Brookes / Abington & Witney College HNC Portfolio.
  • Entered the commercial sector in the early 1980s and progressed through the ranks from Charge-hand to Assistant Depot Engineer to finally Depot Engineer in charge of a commercial fleet of vehicles and engineering staff
  • Entered the HE sector in the early 1990’s and have progressed to Senior Lecturer.

Project Supervisor for the Level 6 BSc students. These projects have included future technologies within the hybrid and KER’s domain. Engine downsizing whilst incorporating FEA analysis, data acquisitioning and reviewing European Legislations and modern chemical processes.

Module areas taught include:

  • Engine Control Systems
  • Vehicle Engineering Principles
  • Emissions Control and Diagnosis
  • Advance Engine Technology

Engineering key research interest in vehicle/engine control systems and diagnostics. Researched dedicated automotive diagnostic equipment with AGSI. Also collaborated with SEWS-E UK engine management projects and recruitment activities. MSc research into repetitive strain injury with regards to hand operative controllers.

Education key interest, MSc research into widening participation and disability access to higher education with regards to engineering programmes.

I have always considered my professional expertise development as a continuous process embodying both my professional learning along with my personal growth, seeking out new experiences that will enhance my individual development within my academic role and my understanding of the HE role within the commercial sector. 

My roles within Higher Education have progressed from lecturer, year tutor, admissions tutor, senior lecturer to programme director of HND/HNC and presently BSc (Hons) degree whilst teaching on other BEng (Hons) programmes and engaging with industry on commercial projects and writing various articles and co-author of a recently published engineering book.

As Programme Director of a Degree Programme I have full responsibility of its content, curricular development, delivery and quality control. The Directorship role is to take responsibility of the curriculum/programme definitive document and facilitate its review, validation and implementation of enhanced teaching and learning practices through the approved team structure.

My philosophy and my underlying principles as to how I apply my teachings and support learning has evolved significantly from my time spent in industry training apprentices and managing an engineering section. The FETC with D32, D33 observational training for my PGCE certification in the mid 90’s has helped set the standards, along with my further eighteen years of teaching within the HE sector. 

This has allowed me to adopt various methods and approaches to aid each individual student within the class and laboratory environment to learn within a safe environment at their own pace and attainment level.  

Consultancy work has involved becoming an advisor to the IMI to review and accredit their qualification for direct entry onto our Level 4 programmes. I have also conducted a preparatory visit to Germany through a Leonardo Scheme and developed links with Christian Schmidt College and Audi Automotive Ltd in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Most recently in a regional collaboration with Coleg Sir Gar College to aid them in developing and validating a BSc and Foundation Degree in Automotive. I have provided and presented commercial programmes for Vehicle inspection courses along with City & Guilds approval.

Researched and published chapters for V.A.W. Hillier, Fundamentals Automotive Electronics Book 2, 6th Edition

Gibson, A. (2012) Sensors. In: Taylor, J. ed. Hillier's Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics 6th Ed. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, pp. 61-79

Gibson, A. (2012) Actuators. In: Taylor, J. ed. Hillier's Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics 6th Ed. Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes, pp. 80-85