Andrew Maund

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Senior Lecturer

Tel: 07971 279977

  • Programme Manager CertHE & BA in Leadership & Management Skills for the Workplace (SfWP) Outreach
  • ILM Centre Manager
  • Recruitment & Marketing Officer for SFWP Outreach Courses

As an experienced businessman, critical thinker, educator and lifelong learner, I am passionate about supporting others to continually develop themselves in order for them to embrace the ever-changing needs of the workplace.

The passion is fuelled by my practical experience in the areas of leadership and management and business enterprise development.

In most recent times I have employed my skills in the design and delivery of tailor-made leadership and management development programmes on behalf of several UK universities as well as for several large multinational organisations.

I am a qualified and entrepreneurial management consultant, public speaker and author, with an aptitude for designing and delivering human resource development (HRD) solutions that bring about measurable changes in the workplace performance of individuals be they in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

  • Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise, Leadership, Change Management, Leading & Managing Volunteers.

  • MSK4001 Academic & Employability Skills
  • BMSK4002 Effective Team Working & Communication
  • BMSK4003 Digital Skills & Research Methods
  • BMSK4004 Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • BMSK4005 Professional Career Development 
  • BMSK4006 Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century 
  • BMSK5001 Developing workplace critical thinking
  • BMSK5002 Developing relationships & workplace achieve
  • BMSK5003 Understanding & engaging in the customer experience
  • BMSK5004 Managing Projects in the Organisation
  • BMSK5005 Workplace Culture and it impact on organisational efficiency
  • BMSK5006 Knowledge & Information Management Skills for the Workplace
  • BMSK6001 Emergent Leadership Skills for the Workplace
  • BMSK6002 Developing Innovation and Creativity for Business Advantage
  • BMSK6003 Leading and Implementing Workplace Change
  • BMSK6004 Strategic Management for SMEs
  • BMSK6005 Coaching &Mentoring Skills for the Workplace
  • BMSK6006 Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Workplace

Volunteer management, Enterprise, Managing Across Cultures, Leadership.

  • Senior Management Development Programme Design
  • Mentoring for leaders & managers
  • Volunteer Management & Volunteering

As a “Big Idea’s “Wales Enterprise Champion for the Welsh Government who promotes and encourages enterprise for you people in schools, colleges and universities I draw on personal experience as a lifelong passion for enterprise & business. Having started my first business venture as a nine-year-old selling Daphnia (Water Flees) to local tropical fish shops.

I got the bug early in life to run my own business and to try to be the master of my own destiny. The desire to achieve this was made stronger after twice being made redundant in my early twenties. With an aspiration to run my own business and to retire before I was forty, I was always on the lookout for opportunities to start my journey.

It was on that enterprise journey that business opportunities  opened up for me enabling me to acquire  serval successful businesses achievements which included the acquisition and development of a Afro-Caribbean hairdressers in Brixton London, an assessment centre for the unemployed in Rugby, the first themed American Diner in Wales called Bugsy’s, a bulk Photocopying & small printing business and a medium sized consultancy and training company with one hundred and seventy staff in 14 offices in the UK.

On achieving the planned retirement age all the businesses were sold and I returned to University as an MBA student in order to underpin the practical business leadership and management skills that I had been acquired.

As a certified management consultant, I undertake consultancy work in the following areas:

  • Strategic business planning for SME’s
  • Change management
  • Business start-up
  • Market research
  • Intrepreneurship development
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • HRD Programme design & development
  • Volunteer Management

Maund, A. (2018), BA in leadership and management: skills for the workplace student yearbook, 1st year. London. Sage.

Maund, A. (2018), BA in leadership and management: skills for the workplace student yearbook, 2nd year. London. Sage.

Maund, A, Schriek, M. and Tinkler, P.K. (2017), Certificate in Higher Education: Skills for the Workplace Student Yearbook. Sage, London.

  • YMCA Cardiff Board Member & Trustee
  • Member of the RAFAC Council
  • Member of the General Purposes Committee RAFAC – RAF Cranwell
  • Chairman of Wales & West Regional Council RAFAC