Andrew Thorn

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Andrew Thorn BSc; MSc, MBA Operations and Business Management, MCIPS, CMILT, MCQI CQP MCMI

Lecturer and Programme Director

Tel: 01792 481168

  • Programme Director MSc  Lean and Agile Manufacturing and MSc Engineering Project Management
  • BEng Energy and Environmental Management
  • Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
  • Delivering Quality and Supply Chain Modules for BEng and MSc programmes.  Manufacturing Systems and energy technology modules for BEng and MSc programmes

Andrew is an Operations Manager with 17years industrial experience in technical sales, quality management, manufacturing systems development and supply chain management and procurement. Through this experience Andrew has developed a track record in implementing improvements and managing people.

By working in dynamic business environments Andrew has been able to apply a great deal of knowledge in the business environment and see the benefits of  strategies that were implemented such as six sigma.

Andrew has a science and chemical engineering background and studied for a masters and professional qualifications whilst holding senior management positions.

Andrew joined British Sugar as a graduate management trainee working as a shift chemist and in production management.  After 5 years, new opportunities were found in the chemical and textile industries where Andrew held positions as technical sales manager, shift manager and quality and purchasing manager.  This led to the opportunity to work with a number of major global manufacturers and retailers.

Later on Andrew moved into steel industry working on the development of new food cans and as a quality manager in the technical department.

  • Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS) Examiner for purchasing related modules and Programme director for UWTSD
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CMILT) assessor and distance learning tutor and a member of the Logistics Research Network
  • Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Chartered Quality Professional (CQP)
  • Chartered Management Institute (MCMI)
  • Energy Managers Association

My main teaching areas are:

  • Lean and Agile Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Energy and Environmental Technology

Modules taught

  • Workshop and Study Skills (Level 4)
  • Manufacturing and Quality Systems (Level 5)
  • Engineering Management (Level 5)
  • Group Project (Level 5)
  • Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Strategies (Level 6)
  • Energy and Environmental Technology (Level 6)
  • Contemporary Logistics (Level 6)
  • Operations Management (Level 6)
  • Major Project Supervisor (Level 6)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 7)
  • Quality Engineering (Level 7)
  • Lean and Agile Manufacturing Systems (Level 7)
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management (Level 7)
  • Project Supervisor (Level 7)

Additional Modules Developed

  • Environmental Pollution Control Engineering (Level 5)
  • Manufacturing Systems and Quality (Level 5)
  • Procurement Negotiation and Culture (Level 5)
  • Sustainable Energy Systems (Level 5)
  • Sustainable Energy and Power Generation (Level 5)
  • Water and Sanitation Engineering (Level 5)
  • Energy Management and Efficiency (Level 6)
  • Environmental Engineering and Carbon Reduction Strategies (Level 6)
  • Plant and Asset Engineering (Level 6)
  • Advanced Energy Systems (Level 7)
  • Advanced Pollution Control and Engineering (Level 7)
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainability (Level 7)
  • Food Logistics Operations (Level 7)
  • Food Supply Chain Management (Level 7)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Level 7)
  • Procurement and Contract Management (Level 7)
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management (Level 7)
  • Wastewater Engineering and Pollution Control (Level 7)

Undertaking research into supply chain risks and resilience in global food supply chains

Topics of Specific interest include:

  • Supply chain risk and resilience
  • Use of postponement strategies in manufacturing
  • Lean and agile manufacturing
  • Environmental impact of logistics operations
  • Quality Management
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Application of Quality Tools and Techniques
  • Energy Management
  • Procurement
  • Lean and Agile Manufacturing

Consultancy Activities

Prepared and delivered logistics and supply chain qualifications to the British Army since 2005

Developed professional qualifications for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Consultancy Projects

Energy audit of Buck Die Group resulting in 20% reduction in annual energy costs

Quality improvements implementation in the food industry

Sourcing local suppliers for the brewing and food industry

Waste minimisation in manufacturing processes and operations within the food and furniture industries

Implementation of supplier development programmes in the chemical and engineering sectors

Thorn, A (2008) Customer Service and Marketing, Distance Learning course material (CILT) 

Thorn (2009) Procurement Distance Learning course material (CILT)

  • Examiner, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
  • Assessment Writer and moderator Institute of Export
  • Member of CILT Qualifications and Development Committee
  • Member Engineering Professors Council Recruitment and Admissions Forum
  • CILT Assessor for Level 5 and 6 modules
  • Member Logistics Research Network Committee (LRN)