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Dawn Jones PGCE, MA


Tel: 01267 676603
E-mail: Dawn.Jones@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Designing and delivering range of early years education and care modules.
  • National Student Survey (NSS) Lead- including analysis of data and developing action plan.
  • HE Apprenticeship Lead- developing links to early years HE sector.
  • Module co-ordinator for undergraduate and postgraduate modules.
  • Nursery Nurse progressing to senior practitioner, working within a Family Centre in rural Powys.
  • Nursery owner.
  • LSA and NVQ Assessor working for Powys County Council and later Telford College.
  • Residential social worker- working using crisis intervention strategies with children in care.
  • FE Early Years lecturer progressing onto one of the first  teaching and learning coaches within Telford College, Programme manager for Health, eventually Head of School for Early Years, Health and Social Care, Access, Teacher Education and Assistants.
  • EAEE5001 – Research – module co-ordinator
  • EAEE4001- Academic skills
  • EAEE5004- Language and Literacy
  • EAEE6010 – A Green Childhood
  • EAEE5006/11 Safeguarding
  • EAER7004 – The Professional Practitioner – module co-ordinator
  • EAEE4006 – Multilingualism – module co-ordinator
  • EAEE5005 Learning environments
  • EAEE6002- Children with additional support needs.
  • EAEE5003 Wellbeing care and healthy living.

The effects of stress on prenatal infants’ development. Recognising these and then developing a support programme to enable parents, carers and practitioners to respond to enable brain pathways to connect and repair.

Developing a training programme based around the SSTEW scale to support practitioners to recognise and respond to babies early cues, thus supporting development and enabling early intervention.

Wide knowledge base of Early Years, particularly focused on babies, their rights and understanding the importance of their developmental cues, to enable support and stimulation.

  • Mile a Day project. 
  • Talking Science workshop: delivery and evaluation of supporting science concepts in the early years.
  • Outdoor learning project with Foundation Phase children.