Dr Dic Edwards BA; PGCE; PhD

Writing Director


Tel: +44 (0) 01570 422351
E-mail: d.edwards@tsd.ac.uk


  • Teach undergraduate and MA students; supervise PhD
  • Admissions officer for MA

I am a senior lecturer in Creative Writing and a performed and published playwright and published poet. I have also had short stories published. I am managing editor of The Lampeter Review. I am also a qualified secondary teacher. As a writer I have had plays produced professionally throughout Britain and internationally (Copenhagen; New York; Ann Arbour University of Minnesota; Sydney, Australia).

In my capacity as a writer I have been employed as a Writer in Residence in three schools and two theatres – Theatr Clwyd and Theatr Powys. I have worked extensively in the area of Theatre In Education.

As a lecturer I originated the Creative Writing programme at Lampeter University (now University of Wales TSD) and have been responsible for its development into the area of postgraduate studies. I have also worked in the department of Theatre Film and Television in Aberystwyth University and wrote several of their Creative Writing modules. I have spoken at conferences at The University of London, Aberystwyth University and at Gregynog

  • National association of Writers in Education
  • Writers Guild


PhD (Creative Writing) 2008-

Doctoral supervision: Short Stories; Novels; Poetry; Theatre and education;

Supervision by email and skype for international students.

I am currently supervising four PhD students.

MA Creative Writing 2002-

Creative Director; devised and deliver modules; tutorial support; final project supervision;

I teach the following MA modules: Writing Workshop; Approaches to Creative Writing; Screenwriting.

Undergraduate 1994-

I devise and deliver modules; supervise final projects; offer tutorial support;

I teach the following modules: Imagination Within Structure (Level 5); Writing Workshop (Level 6); Creative Project (Level 6); Advanced writing for the Theatre (Level 6);Towards Publication (Level 6).


2014 External examiner for Dan Pappia’s PhD at Bangor University

2006 External validator for MA in Creative Writing at the University of the West of England

My research interests are creative and critical, both concerning the practice of creative writing. I have written for radio, and have published poetry, short stories and essays: see 'Publications' for full list

I judge my success as a playwright by the number of my plays that have been commissioned and produced. I have produced more plays that have been published and there have been 50 odd productions of my work over the years


2013    The Opportunist                            Anne Arbour, University of Michigan                                    - Basement Arts                        

2013    The Cloud Eater                            Various hospices, London; (Opera libretto)                         - The Maternik Foundation

             (Opera libretto)                          Rio de Janeiro, Festival of Young Opera, Brazil

2011    Songs for Silenced Voices (ii)        Promenade performance,Liverpool                                       Collective Encounters

2010    Songs for Silenced Voices (i)         Promenade performance,Liverpool                                       - Collective Encounters

2009    Casanova Undone                         Krudttønden, Copenhagen,                                                   - That Theatre

2009    Solitude                                      Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff                                                   - On The Edge Theatre Company

2008    Utah Blue                                    Sherman TheatreCardiff                                                       - Sherman Theatre         

2008    Boy                                             National Tour: Wales                                                            - Spectacle TIE Co.

2007    The Pimp                                    New York (public reading)                                                      - Origin Theatre

2006    Girl                                            National Tour Wales                                                             - Spectacle TIE Co

2006    The Pimp                                    White Bear, London                                                              - London City Theatre Co.

2005    Manifest Destiny                         Assembly Rooms Edinburgh Festival,                                    - Daniel X Productions

2005    Astrakhan (Winter)                    “C” Venue, Edinburgh Festival                                               - Cambridge ADC

2005    Utah Blue                                  NIDA Sydney, Australia                                                           - NIDA students

 2004    Manifest Destiny                       Tricycle Theatre, London                                                       - Guantanamo Human Rights Commission

2003    Distant Jazz                               National Tour: Wales,                                                            - Spectacle TIE Co.   

2002    Franco’s Bastard                        Chapter Arts, Cardiff,                                                             - Sgript Cymru   

2001    Into The East                            National Tour: Wales,                                                             - Spectacle TIE Co.    

2000    Antigone Now                            National Tour: Wales,                                                            - Spectacle TIE Co.   

1999    Over Milk Wood                         National Tour: Wales,                                                              - Spectacle TIE Co.              

1998    The Freewheelers                     National Tour: Wales,                                                               - Spectacle TIE Co.   

1997    Vertigo                                     National Tour: Wales,                                                               - Spectacle TIE Co.   

1997    Kid                                           Wales & N. Ireland Tour                                                            - Spectacle TIE Co.                    

 1996    David                                       National Tour: Wales,                                                              - Spectacle TIE Co.

 1995    The Man Who Gave His Foot For Love    National Tour: Wales,                                                  - Spectacle TIE Co.        

 1995    Lola Brecht                                National Tour: UK,                                                                   - Castaway Theatre

 1995    Utah Blue                                 The Point, Cardiff,                                                                    - Made In Wales Theatre Co.

 1995    The Shakespeare Factory          National Tour: Wales,                                                              - Spectacle TIE Co.

1994    Wittgenstein’s Daughter            White Bear Theatre, London,                                                   - London City Theatre Co.

 1993    Wittgenstein’s Daughter            Citizens Theatre, Glasgow                                                      - Citizens Theatre Company        

 1993    Casanova Undone                      White Bear Theatre, London,                                                  - London City Theatre Co.

 1993    The Juniper Tree                         Broomhill International Opera Festival, Kent,                         - Broomhill Opera

 1993    The Beggars New Clothes           Broomhill International Opera Festival, Kent,                        - Broomhill Opera & Eos Chamber Orchestra

 1993    The Beggars New Clothes           Cockpit Theatre, London                                                        - Broomhill Opera                                  

 1993   Moon River                                  National Tour: Wales,                                                            - Spectacle TIE Co.

 1992    Casanova Undone                      Citizens Theatre, Glasgow                                                     - Citizens Theatre Company  

 1991    Regan                                        National Tour: Wales,                                                            - Theatr Powys Company                                        

 1991    Mother Hubbard                         National Tour: Wales,                                                            - Theatr Powys Company    

 1991    Low People                                Haymarket Theatre, Leicester,                                               - Haymarket Theatre Company,

 1990    the fourth world                        Theatr Clwyd, Mold                                                                 - Theatre Clwyd Company       

(see 'Additional Information' for other produced plays)

I have expertise in all aspect of creative writing and in teaching creative writing workshops at all levels including primary and secondary schools.

I also have expertise in theatre production as a result of attending rehearsals for more than twenty of my own professionally produced plays.


  • 1990-91           Theatr Powys 
  • 1989-90           Theatre Clwyd, 
  • 1986                Llanelli Halfway County Primary School 
  • 1985                Llandelio Tregyb Comprehensive 
  • 1984                Lampeter Comprehensive


  • 2008   Two Immorality Plays(The Pimp & Solitude), London: Oberon   
  • 2005   Astrakhan (Winter) & Other Works, London: Oberon    
  • 2005   Kid (inPlaying Out), Argraff, Cardiff,
  • 2002    Franco’s Bastard & Lola Brecht, London: Oberon   
  • 2003   Sobre El Bosc Lacti, Tarragona, Spain: Arola Editors
  • 2000   Americana(Utah Blue, Over Milk Wood), London: Oberon  
  • 1998    The Shakespeare Factor and other plays, Seren: Bridgend
  • 1993    Wittgenstein’s Daughter, London: Oberon   
  • 1992    Three Plays(Casanova Undone, Looking For The World, Long To Rain Over Us) London: Oberon   
  • 1988    Scenes from Assumption, New Wales
  • 1982    At The End of The Bay, Spectrum Press


  •  Completing the playAugustus
  •  Completing collection of  icepoems
  •  Completing collection of short stories


2007    Walt Whitman & other poems, London: Oberon   

Other poems published in journals including

The Gown (Queens, Belfast); Poetry Wales; The Queens Head (Glasgow); The Raconteur (Cardiff); The Lampeter Review


 2014    ‘Distance’                    Welsh Arts Review

 2013    ‘Christy’                       Dead Ink

 2013    ‘The Memory Palace’   The Lampeter Review


2013    ‘Writing Libretti’, Writers Guild Newsletter

2010    ‘The Living Corpse: A metaphysic for Theatre’in Eroticism and Death in Theatre Performance (ed. Karoline Gritzner), Hatfield, Hertfordshire:  University of Hertfordshire Press

2008    The Living Corpse: A metaphysic for Theatre, Lampeter: Trivium,

2001    ‘Wittgenstein & Morality (The Playwright’s Purpose)’, in: The Professions in Contemporary Drama, Bristol & Portland USA: Intellect Books


2006    Guest on The Yvonne Ridley Show, Islam Channel

2004    Interviewed on Newsnight, BBC 2 (Manifest Destiny) which included excerpts from Manifest Destiny the opera for which I wrote the libretto

2003    Interviewed on Countryfile, BBC 1 (Dylan Thomas)

1998    Commissioned to write half hour film The Emperor of Ice-cream BBC Wales, TV

1999    Commissioned by Karl Francis, head of Drama at BBC Wales along with three other writers and four directors to write a major work for BBC TV

1995    Guest on Kaleidoscope, BBC Radio 4

1987    Interviewed on numerous occasions for BBC Wales, TV

1982    Guest on Frank Hennessey Show Dragon Radio, Cardiff  

1974    Read poem ‘Dead Leaves’on Radio 4 programme Wales Where Are your Poets edited by poet John Wain 


2005    Interviewed for Now You’re Talking (drama in conversation) (Parthian, Cardigan) edited by Hazel Walford Davies

2000    Public interview by Jeni Williams as part of Sgript Cymru’s festival of writing for the theatre. Main stage, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

1999    Subject of ‘Documenting the Moment’: series of video interviews conducted by Jeni Williams with key figures in Welsh Theatre at the turn of the century. Currently unpublished but lodged with Department of Theatre Film and Television, Aberystwyth University

1998    One of the four playwrights of Wales featured in State of Play (Llandysul: Gomer,) edited by Hazel Walford Davies 

1996    Featured in Staging Wales in conversation with Lucy Gough (Cardiff: University of Wales Press) edited by Anna Marie Taylor

 1992    Introduction to my play collection 3 Plays (Oberon), written by Edward Bond. 


2000    ‘Wittgenstein & Morality: The Playwright’s Purpose’ for The Professions in Contemporary Drama, Birkbeck University, London


2002    ‘Images and Texts: Writing the Nation in Recent Welsh Theatre’, interviewed by Jeni Williams, for ‘Wales 2001: the Re-imagined Nation’, Association of Welsh Writing in English annual conference, Gregynog.

PRODUCED PLAYS (1980s)                                       

1989    Low People                                Haymarket Theatre, Leicester,                                               - Haymarket Theatre Company

1989    Sale of the Century                   Theatr Clwyd, Mold                                                                  - Made In Wales Theatre Company          

1988    Doctor of The Americas              Embassy Theatre, London,                                                      - Central School of Speech and Drama    

1987    Long To Rain Over Us                Haymarket Theatre, Leicester,                                                   - Haymarket Theatre Company

1987    Little Yankee                             Torch Theatre, Milford Haven,                                                   - Community Play               

1987    Casanova’s Blue Days                Bush Theatre, London                                                              - Public reading

1986    Looking For The World               Sherman Main Stage, Cardiff,                                                    - Sherman Theatre Company       

1985    Lola                                          Sherman Arena, Cardiff                                                             - Made In Wales Theatre Company

1983    Canned Goods                           Sherman Arena, Cardiff                                                             - Made In Wales Theatre Company          

1982    At The End Of The Bay              Sherman Arena, Cardiff                                                             - Made In Wales Theatre Company                      

1981    Late City Echo                          Sherman Arena, Cardiff                                                              - Members of Theatr Wales