Eloise Govier MA (Joint Honours), MLitt, PGCert, Fellow, HEA

Lecturer in Anthropology 


E-mail: e.govier@uwtsd.ac.uk

Eloise Govier

Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Archaeology

I am a professional artist and conduct interdisciplinary practice-based and practice-led research in the fields of art, anthropology, archaeology, and education. I have recently submitted my PhD thesis in cultural anthropology/social archaeology to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD). The title of my thesis is: “Creative Practice: How Communities were ‘made’ at Çatalhöyük”. I have both an MA (Art History and Ancient History) and MLitt (Art History) from the University of St Andrews and a PGCERT in Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction) from UWTSD. I have taught at UWTSD since 2012.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy



  • AHSK5005 Theory, Methods and Practice: Critical Perspectives (Anthropology, Level 5)
  • AHAN4005 Introduction to Fieldwork (Anthropology, Level 4)


  • AHAN7012 Key Debates in Anthropological Theory (Anthropology, Level 7)
  • AHAN4003 Interactions with the Environment: making things, transforming things (Anthropology, Level 4)
  • AHAN6001 Kinship, Gender and Sexuality (Anthropology, Level 6)

My PhD research examined the material remains of creative practices at a Neolithic town in Anatolia. I argued that creative practice was a key feature of the Neolithic egalitarian lifeways. My pedagogical research focuses on multisensory, collaborative, and experiential learning strategies, and I have an active research interest in posthuman pedagogy.

I have developed teaching methodologies that utilise creative practices and material engagement to explore complex theory. I have coordinated and led workshops at local and international arts centres with community groups, secondary school students, HE students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), recent graduates and professional artists.


  • 2016 Paper: ‘Bodies that co-create: the residues and intimacies of vital materials’, Theoretical Archaeology Group, University of Southampton.
  • 2016 Presentation: ‘Plastic Earth’ sculpture, Sightations, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, University of Southampton.
  • 2016 Convenor: ‘Absent Bodies’ (artists talk), Cartesian Cut? Exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath.
  • 2016 Convenor: ‘The Colourscape Lab’, Arnolfini, Bristol.
  • 2015 Paper: ‘Becoming Earth?’, Beyond Perception 15 Conference, University of Aberdeen.
  • 2015 Paper: ‘Plastic in the Water? Recognising and reconfiguring our relationship with waste’, AHRC Power and the Water Project Workshop, University of Bristol, (invited speaker).
  • 2015 Paper: ‘Vital Material Engagements: interactions, participation and the 'Ticker-Tape' art installation’, ‘Teaching anthropology?’ panel, Association of Social Anthropologists Conference, University of Exeter.
  • 2014 Paper: ‘The Angel of Archaeology’, On the theme of Space and Time: Cartographies and Memories as Method Workshop, South West Doctoral Training Committee, University of Bristol, (invited speaker).
  • 2014 Paper: ‘Creative practice and Endorsement: How community was made at Çatalhöyük', European Archaeologists Association Conference, Istanbul University.
  • 2013 Paper: ‘Seeing is believing: Painting and Meaning at Çatalhöyük’, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Bournemouth University.
  • 2012 Convener ‘Experiencing Material Worlds’, Workshop, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
  • 2012 Co-Convener (with Dr Louise Steel). ‘The Culture of Things’

As an artist my work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including galleries in Japan, Amsterdam, Spain, Berlin, and London. My work has been showcased at the London Morgan showroom, a UNESCO Protected Modernist Housing Estate in Berlin, and at the AT-Bristol Science Centre where my work was also projected from the BBC Big screen.

I have been featured or interviewed by several magazines and newspapers, including interviews with the BBC and S4C. I have experience as a project manager and curator, and have coordinated several exhibitions (both national and international), academic workshops, and public talks. I have theoretical expertise in new materialisms, anthropology of art, and sensorial archaeology. Sensory engagement with materials is an important area of research in my work, and I have carried out ethnographic fieldwork with anthropologists and artists on the themes of colour, making, and performance.


  • Nov 2017. Finding Green Spaces. (solo exhibition), London.
  • Oct 2016. Artist and Project Co-Investigator: ‘Belonging to the Landscape?’in collaboration with Dr Jill Payne (Bristol), Welsh Assembly, Pierhead, Cardiff.
  • May 2016. Curator: ‘Cartesian Cut?’ exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath. Featuring Ellie Harrison, John De Mearns, Suze Adams, and Lou Baker.              
  • Apr  2016. Artist:‘Colour Me Cardiff’ (in collaboration with artist Swci Delic), Off the Wall Gallery, Cardiff.
  • May 2015. Artist and Speaker: ‘Trajectory Three’. Bristol Festival of Nature, in collaboration with the AHRC Power and the Water Project.
  • Sept 2014. Artist: ‘Ticker-Tape: Waterscape’ (performance/installation in collaboration with the AHRC Power and the Water project), AT-Bristol Science Centre, Bristol.
  • Sept 2013. Artist: ‘Ticker-Tape: Levitate’, (installation) border between England and Wales, Hay on Wye.
  • May 2013. Artist and Speaker: ‘Ticker-Tape: Playground’ (performance/installation), Newcastle Emlyn Secondary school, Wales.
  • Apr 2013. Artist: ‘Ticker-Tape: Berlin’ (performance), UNESCO Carl Legien Housing Estate, Berlin.
  • Apr 2013. Artist: ‘Barcelona Showcase’ (group exhibition), UNESCO Casa Batlló, Barcelona.
  • Sept 2012. Artist: ‘MSCOC Gallery’ (solo exhibition), 180 Amstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Oct 2010. Artist: ‘Über Art’ (solo exhibition), Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Scotland.
  • Oct 2009. ‘Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize exhibition’, (group show), Oriel Ynys Mon, Wales.
  • Apr 2008. Artist: ‘Little Jewels’, (group exhibition), Arton Gallery Kyoto, Japan.

Book Chapters:                                               

Govier, E. (forthcoming). ‘Bodies that co-create: the residues and intimacies of vital materials’. In: L. Attala, L. Steel, and K. Zinn (eds.), Body Matters. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.                                              Govier, E. 2016. ‘Experiential Art and Archaeology: Vital Material Engagements’. In: H. Chittock and J. Valdez-Tullett (eds.), Archaeology with Art. Oxford: Archaeopress. 

Exhibition Catalogue:

Govier, E. (ed.). 2016. ‘Cartesian Cut?’, Exhibition catalogue, Fringe Arts Bath. [Online] Available at: catalogue.

Book Reviews:

Govier, E. Forthcoming. ‘A Review of Pyla-Kokkinokremos: A Late 13th Century BC Fortified Settlement in Cyprus Excavations 2010-2011’. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research     
Govier, E. 2014. ‘A Review of The Archaeology of Cyprus From Earliest Prehistory Through the Bronze Age’, The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. Volume 9 Issue 2. pp. 289-291.