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Ester Borin Bonillo BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, MPhil

Associate Lecturer in Spanish Language

Tel: 01267 655377

Working across programmes within the Wales Academy of Voice & Dramatic Arts in the Spanish language field 

Ester Borin Bonillo gained a BA History (Hons) degree and a MAs in Contemporary History from the University of Girona (Catalonia-Spain). She also achieved a MPhil in Teaching Spanish and Catalan as Second Languages / Languages and Movements of Population from the University of Girona (Catalonia – Spain). Ester has written her MPhil Thesis on the didactic approach to teaching pragmatics and intonation in the classroom of Catalan and/or Spanish as Second Languages.

Ester has more than twenty years of teaching experience, and she has been teaching Catalan and Spanish as foreign language since 2004.
She currently teaches Spanish at undergraduate level and at Languages for All programme in Cardiff University. Prior to joining the
Wales Academy of Voice & Dramatic Arts, she taught Spanish across
South Wales in different schools.

  • Member of ELE-UK Association
  • Member of WJEC

Prior to arriving at Wales Academy of Voice & Dramatic Arts, Ester has had an extensive career within Secondary School Education as Spanish Language Teacher, as Spanish and Catalan Language Teacher in the private sector as well as in Higher Education as Spanish Teacher.

  • Ester is a Spanish and Catalan teacher. Her current research interests are in how the use of technologies & gamification in language lessons can improve student performance and language acquisition.
  • Ester’s recent project is Transition Project; how students move from Secondary Education to Higher Education to improve student experience and language acquisition.
  • Ester is part of the “ELE-UK Decolonising” SIG. 
  • Spanish and Catalan language
  • Pronunciation of Spanish and Catalan language
  • Intonation of Spanish and Language intonation
  • The use of technologies in language lessons
  • Spanish GCSE and A-Levels
  • Official Instito Cervantes exams (DELE)
  • Spanish language coach for the series 1 “Industry” (BBC)
  • Translation consultant for the documentary “Y Byd Ar Bedwar” (ITV/S4C)
  • Catalan Sentence Builders - A Lexicogrammar approach: Beginner to Pre-intermediate (The Language Gym - Sentence Builder Books) by Dr. Grianfranco Conti, Dylan Viñales, Ester Borin and Dr. Jaume Llorens, Language Gym-Sentence Builders, November 2022.
  • El desorden que dejas: the use of geolocations as a learning tool in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom., (Ester Borin and Ana Carrasco), at ELE-UK conference, hosted at Warwick University, June 2022.
  • Bringing non-dominant voices and alternative discourses to language classes through the use of films: Adú and Roma in the Spanish classroom (Ester Borin and Beatriz Rubio), VIII LanGW4 Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education, Bristol University, June 2022
  • The use of Teams to create a digital independent portfolio as the assessment for the Year Abroad. (Ester Borin and Beatriz Rubio) ELE-UK, hosted at Edinburgh University, June 2021.
  • Use of interactive PowerPoint in synchronous and asynchronous at language lessons. (Ester Borin) ALL-London, February 2021.
  • How to increase speaking confident in our MFL A-Level students with Mentimeter and Breakout Rooms. MFL&TM-ICONS, January 2021
  • How to still engage our students through screens” 10/09/2020, ALL-London.
  • How to not be lost and still engage our students during lockdowns. Central South Consortium of Education, South Wales, December 2020.
  • The provision of meaningful and comprehensive feedback with Digital Self Marking tools on Grammatical Exercises. (Ester Borin and Beatriz Rubio) VI LanGW4 Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education, Exeter University. June 2019.
  • Elementary, my dear Mr. Watson: when Sherlock, Wallander, Colombo and Carvalho meet at our language lessons to solve grammar, AULC conference, King’s College. January 2019.
  • When the student goes out the classroom and Xerte goes through its window, CEI Learning & Teaching Conference 2017 at Cardiff University. July 2017.
  • Una aproximació didàctica de l’ensenyament de la pragmàtica i l’entonació a les aules de CLE i ELE (A didactic approach to teaching pragmatics and intonation in the classroom of CLE and ELE), MPhil Thesis, University of Girona, 2012.
  • DELE Examiner, levels A1-C2, Instituto Cervantes.
  • Cardiff University Education Innovation Fund: Call 4 (2018-19)