Felicity Healey-Benson

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Mrs Felicity  Healey-Benson BSc, PGCE, MBA, MA (HRM), PG Dip CIPD, Dip. NLP, SAC. Dip, Academic Assoc. CIPD, Fellowship of Higher Academy  

Lecturer in HRM & Leadership (p/t);
Entrepreneurial Learning Champion (p/t)

Tel: 01267 676767
E-mail: felicity.healey-benson@uwtsd.ac.uk

Teaches across a breadth of undergraduate and postgraduate level modules (online and face-to-face) within the Business and Sustainability Leadership portfolios. Engaged in MBA & MSc dissertation supervision. Entrepreneurial Learning Champion including ambassador of ‘EntreCompEdu’ (Erasmus+ project) and Circular Economy Lead.

‘Passionate about people’, believes personal coaching/mentoring and education are keys to unlock potential and empower in others the ability to overcome issues, whether that be personal, an employment challenge, or the address of global ‘wicked problems’.

Experienced Kaizen Technician & Engineer and Learning and Development professional supporting culture change and embedding of continuous improvement principles. Has supported skills development in management and leadership from the shop-floor to the boardroom in a breadth of sectors to support improved personal and organisational performance before migrating into education. Critical and creative thinking, entrepreneurial learning and ‘applied sustainability’ with education are now priority areas of focus.

  • Academic Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Higher Education Academy Fellowship
  • Vitae Membership
  • ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education) Membership
  • EDEN (European Distance & Learning Network) Membership
  • The British Society for Phenomenology Membership
  • The Society for Coaching at Wales Academy of Professional Practice and Applied Research Member
  • Member of the EntreCompEdu Steering Group
  • Member of The Sustainability Network
  • Member of the Enterprising Women in Ed Network
  • Primary School Governor

Expertise in online distance learning, including the development of critical and creative thinking skill. Undergrad & postgrad portfolio include HR, leadership & management, business and enterprise, entrepreneurship, marketing, sustainability, and qualifications accredited by the CIPD, CIPS, CIM, CMI, and ACCA.

  • Doctoral candidate (DBA) since 2017
  • The development of the 4IR Educator
  • Complexity Theory
  • Critical Thinking & Creative Thinking skill development
  • Innovative Pedagogy & Technology-based Assessment
  • Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development
  • Online/Distance Learning
  • Applied Sustainability
  • Phenomenology

A founding career in business improvement and learning & development (not-for-profit, local authority, commercial and e-commerce) before migrating into education. Dedicated to creating the motivation and momentum for individuals and teams to perform to their greatest potential and enact positive change. Trustee and volunteer positions also held including long-term role as School Governor.  Founder of EmergentThinkers.com, publishing blog content on a doctoral research and professional learning journey, unpacking the concepts and practices that support the Future of Education, Work, Sustainability and Global Citizenship.

  • Entrepreneurship Projects including Entrepreneurship Mapping within the university, and the implementation of a global online CPD tool for educators (EntreCompEdu)
  • Founder of Emergent Thinkers (emergentthinkers.com) sharing content on my doctoral research and professional learning journey, unpacking the pedagogic and business concepts and practices to support the Future of Education and Work, Sustainability and Global Citizenship
  • Founder of Pirates in Education (promoting positive challenge and ‘changer-maker’ behaviour in education) 
  • In addition to consultancy projects with private and not-for-profit clients, roles held within Unipart, Metapack, the Gwalia Group, and Amazon.
  • Have delivered business consultancy support aligned with University accredited training & development for in-house bespoke staff development.

In addition to ongoing content published on EmergentThinkers.com & various educational websites:

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