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Mrs Felicity Peacock BA, MSc, PGCE, PGDip, CertProf, BTEC


Tel: 01792 481325
E-mail: felicity.peacock@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • To develop and deliver a range of learning programmes in nursing and health.
  • I am also a year tutor.

Nursing and Teaching

I lead on anatomy and physiology and I have a passion for health promotion; empowering everyone to be the best version of themselves.  

I am currently part of a task force which is helping support health trust with recruitment and retention of staff in rural areas. I believe that education should be available to everyone and I am interested in building supportive blended learning programmes that meet the needs of non-traditional students in rural Wales. 

Research interests include: Psychological and Sociological Perspectives of Health, Current Health Issues, Inequalities in Health, Determinants of Heath. I have a particular interest in positive psychology and building resilience in young people.

My current research is looking at the positive psychological aspects of the menopause transition.

Over the last nine years I have been combining my two passions teaching and nursing. Before joining the university as a full-time member of staff, I was a course director at a higher education institution  where I managed and developed new programmes not previously run in Wales.

My passion for nursing is reflected in my teaching. My colleagues and I are preparing students both academically and emotionally for the complex demands of the modern nurse. As year manager my role is to support students through their academic journeys, and I enjoy helping students reach their full potential.

As a recovery nurse practitioner I have to have a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how the disease process affects the care delivered.  I regularly mentor student nurses and need to be able to explain in detail both normal and abnormal physiology. I am advanced life support trained and are often called to emergency situation where I have to make very quick assessments of the situation and respond accordingly including the administration of medication and resuscitation In my role I treat and care for both adults and children.  

Advocacy is a core component of my professional identity I strive to protect the health safety and rights of all patients especially those that are most vulnerable and at risk my role is to be vigilant and identify markers of who may be a risk and act quickly to safeguard their welfare.  In my role as a nurse and therapist I work in partnership not only with the patients but with their families and the multidisciplinary team.

Working on the front line of the health care system, I see the impact of the social determinants of health every day. I see individuals and groups of individuals who are more susceptible to illness, who may experience more complications or whose recovery may be longer. Part of my role is to ask the right questions and find the links between people and their social issues and put into place strategies to overcome any identified issues.

Part of this process involves health promotion, preventing disease and the modification of dangerous behaviours. My training in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology  has helped me understand the psychology of health and has given me the necessary skills to deliver effective health promotion. - As a counsellor I have an understanding of substance misuse issues and how to overcome them with therapy and collaborative working with third sector agencies.

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Royal College of Nursing (RCN).
  • International Council of Holistic Therapists (ICHT)