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Dr Hamish Gane PhD

MA Contemporary Dialogues Programme Manager (Art & Media)

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000
E-mail: hamish.gane@uwtsd.ac.uk

Senior Lecturer

Programme Manager for MA Contemporary Dialogues (Art & Media)

Pathway Leader for MA Photography

Module Leader for Confirmative Praxis, MA Contemporary Dialogues

Module Leader for Major Project, BA Photography in the Arts

Director of Studies/Supervisor for PhD Research

Having formally worked as a lighting designer with companies such as the Royal Ballet and Channel 4 Television, I relocated to South Wales to study photography in the late 1990s, acquiring BA with 1st Class Honours in 2000 and MA with Distinction in 2003.

My practice-based PhD entitled: Photography, Melancholy, Family: Spaces Beyond Representation, was awarded in 2013.My photographic practice draws on ideas surrounding family, memory and melancholia and my work has been exhibited widely, most notably in Diffusion, Cardiff  International Photography Festival (2015 & 2013) and Apron, a solo exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea. Work has been selected several times for the National Eisteddfod of WalesFine Art Pavilion and has been exhibited at venues including britart Gallery, London; Alsager Arts Centre, Manchester and the Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea.

Association of Photographers in Higher Education

Member of review group for the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement for Art & Design (2016)

Association of Photographers in Higher Education

Teach both practice and theory across disciplines at BA (Level 6), MA (Level 7) and PhD (Level 8).

Also have Internal and/or External Examining roles at BA, MA and PhD levels.

Currently supervising PhD candidates and have successfully supervised one to completion.



Director of Studies: 


Gareth Davies                                PhD    Start date: 01.06.2020  

Moving Image and the Liquifying of Spacetime 

Benesek Monk                               PhD    Start date: 01.02 2022 (full time)  

The Role of Non-human Intelligence in the Production and Diversification of Culture. 

Ryan Marsh                                      PhD    Start date: 01.02.2022  

An Exploration of the ‘Murmur’ in the Perception in Seeing and Sensation in Contemporary Landscape Photography 

Kai Holland                                      MRes  Start date: 01.10.2020 

Visual Scientific Modelling – A Visual Hypothesis for the Nature of Consciousness
& the Evolution of Conscious Awareness 


First Supervisor: 


Andrew Hobden                            PhD    Start date: 01.10.2015        

Materialising the Invisible:  Re-thingifications from a Phenomenology of Photographic Matter 

Ryan L Moule                                  PhD    Start date: 01.06.2020        

Vessels & Vestiges: Towards an Affecting, Embodied Photography 

Anja Stenina                                    PhD    Start date: 01.10.2020 (full time) 

Epistemic Awakening: the role of art and the viewer in social empowerment. 

Trish Black                                        PhD    Start date: 01.10.2020        

Forests, Fear and Femicide: A Study of Visual Representations within Contemporary Western Crime Culture of the Violable Woman and Discarded Female Corpse, Located Against a Malevolent Forest Mise-en-scène.  

Camille Rellet                                 PhD    Start date: 01.02.2022 (full time) 

Photographic Mythologies: the intangible, the temporary and the encounter – the line between documentary and fiction. 

Martin Bush                                      PhD    Start date: 01.02.2022        

Can affect authentically be acculturated through digital transformation, in both the creation and our engagement with art? 



Dr Laura Jenkins                             PhD    (Awarded 2016, University of Wales) 

Can Photography Describe its own Event? The dissolving of the classical perspective in the concept of photography 



Dr Alun Reynolds                           PhD    (Awarded 2019, University of Wales) 

A critical analysis of the collective photographic albums compiled by the pioneering families of Swansea, as observed through the interconnections within a Calvert Jones album 

Dr Katherine Lawson-Hughes     PhD    (Awarded 2021, University of Wales) 

Bio-rhythms / Digi-rhythms: Synthesising the Digitally Mediated Body Through Performative Methodologies 

Dr Rebecca Williams                    PhD    (Awarded 2022, University of Wales) 

Preach what you practice: unreported failure in participatory arts evaluation and its impact on artists’ wellbeing 

Dr Jason Cartwright                      PhD    (Awarded 2022, University of Wales) 

Considering ‘The Encounter’ in gallery community programmes: Increasing engagement and impact on health in the community 

Anja Stenina                                    MRes (Awarded 2019, University of Wales) 

Augmenting the agency of marginalised members of society within the semiotic authority of narrative form 

Claire Francis                                  MRes (Awarded 2020, University of Wales) 

Both Antidote and Poison – The Structures of Discourse Between the Gendered Binary ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Man-Made’ Worlds 

James Lewis                                   MRes  (Awarded 2022, University of Wales) 

Potentialities Within Design Synthesis 

Jennifer Maguire                            MRes (Awarded 2021, Huddersfield University) 

Depicting the Macabre: How did the art movement German Expressionism influence Photography 

Key research interests evolve from a praxis predicated on photography, memory and melancholia, predominantly explored through the optic of the family. Current research also explores post-representational concepts of photography and in 2013 was was awarded PhD for practice-based thesis entitled: Photography, Melancholy, Family: Spaces Beyond Representation. Research participant within the Family Ties Network, a national research group of artists who explore space, place and the family in photography and the moving image, and a participant within on-going research project: Photography, Bereavement and Grief: Interpreting personal loss through creative practice.

Full research profile


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Gane, H., 2008. ‘200 Seconds’, in Cocks, M. & Evans, JP. (eds), UNRELIABLE TRUTHS: ILLUSION AND TRANSFORMATION IN CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY,  Swansea: Glynn Vivian Gallery, (ISBN 978-0-903189-78-1)

Gane, H., 2005. ’Apron’, in SITTING ROOM Exhibition Catalogue, 2008, Manchester: Manchester Metropolitan University

Mission GallerySwansea (Board Member 2008-2018, Chair of Board 2011-2014)