Jahanzeeb Qurashi (Jazz)

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Dr. Jahanzeeb Qurashi B.A (Hons), MA, MBA, PGCert, PHD

Lecturer in International Hotel Management

E-mail: j.qurashi@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Use appropriate learning, teaching, support and assessment methods.
  • Supervise student projects and the academic elements of field trips, and, where appropriate, placements.
  • Identify areas where current provision needs revision or validation improvement and contribute to the planning, design and development of curriculum and material.
  • Select appropriate assessment instruments and criteria, assess the work and progress of students by reference to the criteria and provide constructive feedback to students.
  • Ensure that module design and delivery comply with quality standards and regulations of the University.
  • Participating (if requested) in QAA (UK Quality Code for Higher Education) meetings
  • Extending pastoral support to students
  • Undertake College Marketing events and provide careers advice.

I have 18-year experience of Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation and education industry, in which I have worked six years in several Hospitality and Tourism positions including as an Event supervisor/Duty Manager, five years in the aviation industry in flight operations department and currently serving in the education sector since seven years in the UK on an undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Member of Institute of Hospitality
  • Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
  • Member of Scientific Committee of International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
  • Member of Institute of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, UK.

Academically, I have been interested in many years for further exploring the challenges associated with developing pedagogic practice within learning, teaching and assessment in higher educational institutions. The innovative nature of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has allowed me to explore these challenges with staff to help contribute towards a creative and inspiring environment for both Certificate and undergraduate students. This incorporates general principles regarding learning design, methods of innovative and creative teaching practice, as well as investigating the ability to diversify and implement creative assessment strategy.

I have taught different subjects in the UWTSD on different levels:

  • Front office operations
  • Food & Beverages operations
  • Facility Management
  • Marketing Essential
  • Personnel Management
  • Business Skills for Hospitality Industry

My research interests include Commodification of Religious Tourism, Varying experiences of pilgrim/tourist/guests in Tourism & Hospitality sector, Destination management, Contemporary Hospitality, Event management, the role of SMART media technologies in the Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation sector, SMART Tourism/Hospitality marketing, Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism.

My research philosophy is based on to discover new tourism destinations and Hotels/Events with unique themes and concepts. I am also a technology and design enthusiast and fascinated by creative use of technology that makes complicated concepts more accessible, tourism and hospitality products and services more fun. I would love to share my vast tourism experience to develop together with students an understanding of the globalised nature of the tourism, hospitality and events sector.

I have 18-years of academic and professional experience of Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation industry, in which I have worked several years in Hospitality (Front and the back of the House) and Tourism sector, and Aviation industry. I had travelled more than 110 destinations around the globe which within itself is a University of Tourism & Hospitality, therefore teaching, researching designing Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation courses is one of my expertise.

Currently I am working on different Hospitality and Tourism projects with my other peers (Academic and professional) from UK and abroad.

Our current commercial research projects are focusing in today’s continuously evolving business environment within Hospitality and Tourism sector. We are considering that there is a need in research to thoroughly understand the effects of strategic decisions and the impact of external and internal drivers and constraints on the sector.

The research provides professional knowledge and insights that support both entities and professionals (Guest/Tourist/Passenger/pilgrim) to make better informed management decisions to lead their organisations to a successful future.

One part of our commercial research programme is considering how to make pricing and revenue management in the hospitality/tourism industry more customer-oriented, more creative and more value-driven. We seek to learn how consumers of hospitality/tourism services perceive and process price information, and how they utilise price cues to form price judgments and make choices between alternative service offerings.

In addition, our aim is to learn more about market demand, with a specific focus on estimating room price elasticity, forecasting room demand, and improving forecasting accuracy. Our research directly contributing to the bottom-line and is relevant to industry, education and professional bodies

While adapting prices to demand is common practice in air travel, tourism and hotels, other industries have just recently started to introduce Dynamic Pricing. For example, some theme parks now use off-peak prices, to reduce congestion and raise attendance at slower times. Our research can support in developing pricing strategies in hospitality/ tourism/aviation sector.

Furthermore, we have decided to refocus the research to examining sustainable hospitality and tourism through the social sciences lenses. We find it hard to let go of the field of environmental economic geography and we still interested in issues of hospitality and tourism industrial environmental restructuring.

Eventually, my individual commercial project is underway (with the collaboration of Non-Governmental Organisation in Pakistan) and currently I am working in the field of border Tourism (A case of Border PILGRIMAGE TO KARTARPUR SAHIB in Pakistan), which can look in depth that how Border Tourism can support Hospitality sector.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Qurashi, J and Sharpley, R. (2020) The Hajj: The Religious or Touristic Experience? Journal of Current issues in Tourism. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. (Under review)

Qurashi, J. (2017) the commodification of Islamic religious tourism: from a spiritual to a touristic experience. Journal of International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. Volume 5(1)

Qurashi, J and Sharpley, R. (2018) SMART Media Technologies Impact on the Spiritual Experience of Hajj Pilgrims. Journal of International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. 6 (3)

Book Chapters Publications:

Qurashi, J. (2018) Movement and Crowd Behaviour Book, 5th edition. Risk and Safety Challenges for Religious Tourism and Events, Publisher CABI, UK.

Qurashi, J. (2019) Over tourism: Issues, realities, and solutions: The Hajj: Crowding and Congestion Problems in Mega Events for Pilgrims and Hosts. Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Ryerson University Canada, Walter de Gruyter GmbH . Genthiner Str. 13 .10785 Berlin . Deutschland.

Qurashi, J. (2019) Spiritual and Religious Tourism Motivation and Management: Diminishing Religious Cultural Heritage of Holy Mecca and Medina due to Commercialisation of Sacred Event. Publisher CABI, UK.

Qurashi, J. (2020) Religious Tourism and the Event Environment: The Natural Environment and Waste Management at the Hajj, Publisher CABI, UK. (Expected in September,2020)

Conferences Attended:

8th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference.1-4 June 2016, Konya, Turkey. Paper: Commodification of Islamic Religious Tourism: from Spiritual to Touristic Experience.

9th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference. 28th June 2017 to 1st July 2017 Milan, Italy. Paper: SMART Media Technologies Impact on the Spiritual Experience of Hajj Pilgrims

Annual IEREK Cultural Sustainable Tourism Conference, 4-6 September 2017, Thessaloniki, Kentriki Makedonia, Greece. Paper: Business developments impact on the Contemporary Tourism in Pakistan

10th   Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference. 28th June 2018 to 1st July 2018 Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Paper: Opportunities and Challenges of Religious Destination Management: A case of Hajj in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Business Management from the Center for Degree Studies USA.
  • BA (Hons) in Hospitality & Tourism Business Administration from University of Birmingham, UK.
  • Masters of Arts (MA) in (International Hospitality Management) from University of Birmingham, UK.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA in Business & Marketing) from University of Chester, UK.
  • Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) in Business & Management Research Methods, from University of Central Lancashire, UK.
  • PHD in Tourism from School of Business and Enterprise, University of Central Lancashire, UK.