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Mr Jaymie Philips MSc, PCET, BSc, FHEA, MBCS, MIET

Lecturer I4.0 | Lecturer Health

Tel: 01792481326
E-mail: jaymie.phillips@uwtsd.ac.uk

Jaymie Phillips is a lecturer within the university currently situated within two different academic disciplines: engineering with the MADE programme, and health. 

As part of the MADE team, Jaymie fulfils a teaching and learning role providing online delivery of material for a fleet of ESF courses that are targeted at supporting the Welsh industrial sector. Each of these courses incorporate smart-technology to a large degree, and consider its application to the future of industry and the impact upon other sectors, including that of engineering and health. Jaymie is also responsible for the management of admissions for the courses provided for MADE, ensuring that students are provisioned with appropriate advice and guidance with regards to their options.

As part of the health team, Jaymie fills a similar role to that taken up within MADE whereby he is responsible for the delivery of several face-to-face and online modules focussing primarily upon research, community engagement and the adaptation of technology to future health initiatives. In addition, Jaymie also serves as admissions manager for the health portfolio whereby he directs the processes undertaken to ensure the streamlined management of admissions in a department with one of the greatest numbers of applicants.

Following undergraduate study, Jaymie joined a small software development company in Merthyr Tydfil where he took on the role of software engineer. While in this post, he was tasked with research and development duties alongside the traditional development role. As part of this research, he also took on the mentorship of more junior developers. Having discovered a passion for research, he then left this role to take up a postgraduate qualification with the university.

Following completion of the postgraduate qualification, Jaymie wished to explore the academic route a little further and accepted a role of Research Associate working in a team focussed on medical devices within the school of computing.  From this role, Jaymie took on a PGCE qualification and with that lecturing responsibilities within the health portfolio at the institution. Drawing on his background in software development, he also undertook teaching responsibilities within computing as a part-time lecturer

Following this brief period as a part-time lecture, Jaymie took up a role as a more permanent fixture within the institution as a lecturer within Engineering in the form of a Research Fellow within the MADE project.

Level 4

  • Personal and Academic Development - Health

Level 5

  • Object Oriented Programming

Level 6

  • Dissertation and Research Project Supervisor - Health

Level 7

  • AGILE Software Engineering Principles
  • MSc Software Engineering
  • MSc Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing
  • MSc International Innovation Management

Currently undertaking doctoral study, Research interests focus upon the incorporation of technology into healthcare in a form that poses no detrimental impact to the patient. Current research undertaken for doctoral thesis involves design and development tasks incorporating electronics engineering, software engineering and bioinformatics.

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Embedded Systems
  • ARM Microcontroller Development
  • Electronics Engineering

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