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Jenni Steen BSc Dual Hons. Forensic Science AND Psychology, PgCHPE, MSc Forensic Science, Fellow of the HEA


E-mail: j.steen@uwtsd.ac.uk

Lecturer on the Ordnance, Munitions and Explosive apprenticeship and degree apprenticeship courses.

I have a Dual Honours in Forensic Science and Psychology from Keele University. Continuing my researching in forensic pathology and the estimation of time since death, I went on to obtain a Masters degree in Forensic Science and began my journey into the life of a PhD researcher at Staffordshire University which is due to come to an end in March of 2024 with the submission of my thesis. In addition, when I found my calling as a lecturer during my time as PhD researcher I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher and Professional education.

My areas of expertise are mainly within a forensic science environment. I have previously taught a range of skills including documenting and processing a crime scene, evidence recovery and subsequent analysis, carrying out practical laboratory work, reporting findings and the best ways to convey this information to a variety of audiences. Many of these skills are highly transferrable and I am looking forward to putting them to good use as I transition into the field of OME.

Having formed the basis for many years of own research I have a keen interest in the biological and chemical changes that occur post-mortem and how these factors can influence and skew an estimation of time since death.