Jessica LaCombe

Ms Jessica LaCombe BA Hons First Class Computer Games Design, MA Games Enterprise

Lecturer in Creative Computer Games Design


Teaching Games and assisting students in their progression to employment, showing sensitivity to their needs and encouraging the highest possible standards. I have contributed to pedagogical innovation, curriculum development and planning, exploring new and emerging industry developments, while engaging the historical and  theoretical aspects of games. I liaise with external networks, partner universities and the local community, building productive relationships with industrial bodies, professional associations, employers and fellow practitioners.

I have been teaching Games Design and Animation Production in both Further Education and Higher Education over the last 2 years.

Games Development Wales

Module Leader for:

  • Creative Practice
  • Game Design & Critical Analysis
  • Creative Enterprise & Practice
  • Dissertation
  • Major Project
  • Compassionate Technologies
  • Virtual Reality
  • Brain Computer Interfaces / Human Computer Interfaces 
  • Wearable Tech

I extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, including; artificial intelligence, multiplayer networking, and coding with blueprints, as well as mobile and Virtual Reality design and development.

I am also very keen on emerging technologies and developing experiences in line with current industry trends. My focus has been in developing compassionate technology to aid in mental health and wellness using games and brain-computer interfaces, such as the Neurosky: Mindwave. I have experience with nearly every VR platform available and enjoy combining them with a range of peripherals, particularly gesture recognition technology, such as, the Leap Motion and the Microsoft Kinect system.