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Mrs Junnine Thomas-Walters BAEd (Hons), MA Ed, ANCM, LNCM, 

Senior Lecturer
Programme Director -  MA(Ed) and MA PDET

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 482063
E-mail: junnine.thomas-walters@uwtsd.ac.uk

  • Managing the MA(Ed) and Graduate Diploma Programmes
  • Chair Steering Groups on Graduate Diploma for Primary/ Secondary/SEN
  • Teaching on the Foundation Degree for Learning Support Assistants
  • Timetabling for CPLD

I became a Reception class teacher in 1995 and predominantly taught Early Years within the Primary sector before moving into HE in 2006. Particular interests were SEN, CPD and Mentoring and these became the focus for my professional work Within HE. 

  • Secretary of Meithrin (Welsh Early Years Group)
  • IPDA (International Professional Development Association


MA (Ed) Modules

  • Social and Emotional Behavioural Difficulties in Practice
  • Dyslexia in an Inclusive Environment
  • Exploring Additional Needs
  • Mentoring and Coaching in Educational and Professional Contexts
  • Independent Study Tutor
  • Dissertation Tutor

Graduate Diploma

  • Promoting Inclusive and Special Education Programme
  • School Leadership and Management
  • Learning and Teaching Programme

Foundation Degree in Learning Support

  • Managing Behaviour and Learning in the Classroom
  • The Learning Cycle
  • How Children Learn
  • Leading the Learning
  • Inclusion and Diversity

GTP Tutor

Previously SEN input on:

  • BA(Ed)
  • PGCE Primary
  • Educational  Studies

Completing my MA (Ed)in 2005 stimulated my interest in Research. I am currently in the fifth year of study towards my PhD which is centred around creative and imaginative play in the Foundation Phase in Wales.

I took a research sabbatical during my time in Primary school and have endeavoured to take part in research opportunities as they arise ever since. I had the opportunity to work with NFER as a consultant in a research activity and currently still liaise with the local office and advise on bids where appropriate.  Over the past year I have been asked to join the review team at the PDiE and this has afforded me an opportunity to read and review current international research.

I have had the opportunity to draw on a range of experiences during my professional career. I have always acknowledged the importance of continuing professional development and took a particular interest from an early stage gaining a management allowance to manage CPD throughout the mainstream school in which I worked.

Since I entered Higher Education in 2007 I have been in a privileged position to experience, develop, teach and assess a wide range of courses from Level Four to Level Seven. Taking responsibility as MA(Ed) Programme Director at Level 7 has challenged me in a variety of different ways and I am proud to manage a programme that is robust, desirable and successful.

A recent validation was a major achievement this year and an additional four commendations were evidenced in regard of structured development days, staff quality and experience, team presentation and effective team leadership. I have managed the Level 6 Graduate Diploma as Acting Programme Director, since January 2013, alongside my MA(Ed) Programme Director role. This programme has a strong background of networking and successful partnerships with local authorities.

Within this role I have taken responsibility for chairing separate Steering Group meetings for Primary, Secondary Leadership and Management strands and the Special Educational Needs strand all of which involve networking with local authority partners. 

  • Vice Chair of Governors (Cadle Community School)
  • Reach the Heights (Community Engagement)
  • External Examiner  Foundation Degree at Worcester University (2009-2013)

Papers and Conference Presentations:

Fantasy to Recrimination?’ Exploring play in the Foundation Phase. (IPDA, Birmingham 2012)

‘How Do Head Teachers Plan to Embed a New Initiative Introduced through a CPD Short Course Into Whole School Practice?’(IPDA, Sterling   2006)

‘Teacher as Researcher: CPD and its impact on classroom practice.( IPDA, Birmingham 2005)

Embedding Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in KS 1. (ESDGC Conference, Gregynog 2003)

Mentoring ITET students in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship: a case study. (Global Teacher Conference, Swansea 2002)


The Early Years Foundation Stage: Theory and Practice (2010) Sage: London

(Chapter Two: edited with co-writers)


Dialogic practice in primary schools: how primary heads plan to embed philosophy for children into the whole school.’ Educational Studies (Jointly published March 2011)

Critical and Creative Thinking: The Australasian Journal of Philosophy in Education

(May 2007) Report on P4C with Children Conference in March 2007

  • P4C Conference
  • TA Conferences
  • Secretary of Meithrin (Welsh Early Years Network Group)
  • Vice Chair of Governors (Cadle Community School)
  • Faculty Board Member (Faculty of Teacher Education)
  • International Committee