Kylie Boon

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Kylie Boon BA (Hons), PCET/PGCE, MA, HEA (Fellow)

Lecturer in Art and Design 

Tel: 01792 481000

I teach across a range of creative courses including the Professional Doctorate in Art and Design, MA Art and Design, BA Film & TV, as well as online short courses in Art and Design to Fujian Jiangxia University. 

I have worked at UWTSD since 2012, I have a humanities background in philosophy and film.  I have worked as a freelance videographer for companies such as Autodesk, and my previous creative practice has included experimental video sculptures, as well as stop motion animation.

My research interests are split between exploring philosophical storytelling and educational practice methods. I am currently exploring how storytelling and education can be synthesized, attempting to formulate an approach that will merge experiential learning and immersive technologies. In addition, I have an interest in philosophical investigations and how film/TV narratives/characters can animate philosophical discussions.

  • The International Academic Forum International Conference on Arts & Humanities. Presentation title: "Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence. Rethinking Online Teaching and Learning Among Cohorts in the Arts"
  • (2019), The Monster Within: Lily in Penny Dreadful, in Steven Gerrard, Samantha Holland, Robert Shail (ed.)Gender and Contemporary Horror in Television (Emerald Studies in Popular Culture and Gender, Volume) Emerald Publishing Limitted, pp.71-82