Ms Libin Xiao BA, MBA

International Student Support Officer


Tel: 01792 481738

Ms Libin Xiao

I am mainly responsible for providing an accessible welfare service to international students at UWTSD within the Faculty of Business and Management, and across other faculties as requested.

I offer students pastoral and academic support, aiding them in adapting to student life and unfamiliar UK procedures and enhancing their student experience.

I also support different departments as requested in international student marketing, admissions and registrations.

I have worked in both Chinese and UK education sectors for over twenty years; I am experienced in management, academic teaching and research. I am particularly familiar with international students’ teaching and learning support, marketing and admissions in the UK.

  • Fellowship of Higher Education Academy
  • Board member of the Confucius Institute Chinese School in UWTSD
  • Member of China-British Business Council
  • Member of the Common Ground (GC) Research Networks in America
  • Business ethics
  • Managerial ethical decision-making in the  automotive industry
  • Chinese culture
  • Ethical decision-making theories and practices
  • Management training for ethical decision-making intentions
  • Mixed research approach
  • International students’ cultural integration
  • International students’ academic support
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Chinese cultural awareness
  • Higher Education marketing in the UK
  • Chinese culture
  • Managerial ethical decision-making practice
  • Management training in the Chinese automotive industry
  • Exploratory multistage sequential mixed research methodology
  • International student support and marketing with Chinese background

I have collaborated with several university departments and business associations to promote enterprise activities. I have collaborated with the Confucius Institute (CI) at UWTSD and the Wales Exporters’ Association to organize Chinese cultural events for our students to take part in.

This was particularly well received as participants at these events were able to hear first-hand from our Chinese students and Confucius Institute staff about Chinese business culture, something which would directly help their business dealings with China. I have also arranged for Chinese students to give talks to local businesses about Chinese business culture as part of the CI Chinese business networking events held at the Business campus.

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P.S.This article has been republished in other academic circles, such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Opinion China, China Education and Research Network

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Xiao, L. (2014). “The Impact of Management Training on Ethical Decision-making Intentions in the Chinese Automotive Industry”’.  Management Research Conference, Swansea, SBS/CMI, June 2014

I have been awarded as “Emerging Scholar” in 2017 at “The 15th International Multidisciplinary Conference in Humanities” and successfully chaired a bilingual session in Imperial College of London.

I have successfully supported international students, facilitated their cultural integration and enhanced their student experience and engagement through a series of cultural activities, such as the cross-campus Chinese New Year Celebrations. I have also aided other departments regarding international students’ issues. My work achieved the accolade: “Outstanding Contribution to Swansea Business School” for the academic year 2015-2016. 

I have also enhanced the cultural impact of UWTSD in Swansea through a wide range of activities. For example, I have taken the initiative collaborating with CI and established a large group of cultural volunteers across Swansea. This group has grown to around 100 members, with students and adults from China, Malaysia and other nationalities in UWTSD and across Swansea. Under my organization, they work together and have been successful supporting the University, CI and local Chinese community in cultural events. From this platform, students have the chance to demonstrate their culture and talents such as designing logos, posters, videos, brochures, or in singing and dancing performances as well. One of the significant contributions of this group has been to support UWTSD CI Chinese School in its activities such as its normal teaching operation, the school’s Official Opening and First anniversary ceremonies.