Dr Mabrouka Abuhmida

Dr Mabrouka  Abuhmida PhD, FHEA, PGCertHE, MSc, BEng



Tel: 01792 481000
E-mail: mabrouka.abuhmida@uwtsd.ac.uk

Dr Mabrouka Abuhmida

Lecturer in Software and Microprocessor Development

I have a PhD degree in Computer Networks. I am an enthusiastic professional academic who is equally comfortable in research and in lecturing. I can teach students in an academic setting, and train professionals from the commercial and industrial sectors. I am innovative and have self-initiative with excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

I worked at Swansea University as an associate lecturer in the Computer Science department and I delivered many technical undergraduate modules. I was also involved in the postgraduate programme.

I have over six years of research and engineering experience in communication systems and signals, specialising in wireless sensor network modelling, simulation and analysis.

I have strong programming skills using C++, Python and Java. I am an OPnet and QualNet expert: I use both systems intensively for network modelling, process modelling, link modelling, simulation and analysis.

IET Committee

  • Research Methods
  • Enterprise and Innovation
  • Smart and Connected Sevices
  • Wireless Networks and Simulation
  • Network modelling and simulations
  • Wireless sensor networks technologies
  • Routing protocols and algorithms and design
  • Swarm intelligent and biogenetic algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Machine learning applications
  • Internet of things applications
  • Augmented reality applications
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  • Abuhmida,M., Radhakrishnan, K. & Wells, I., 2015. Evaluating the Performance of ANTMANET Protocol for MANET. In IEEE International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications, (ITA15). Wrexham, North Wales, UK, United Kingdom. 
  • Abuhmida, M., Radhakrishnan, K., & Wells, I., 2015. Performance Evaluation of Mobile Adhoc Routing Protocols on Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring. In IEEE UKSim-AMSS 17th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation, (UKSim2015). Cambridge, United Kingdom. 
  • Abuhmida, M., Radhakrishnan, K., &  Wells, I., 2015. ANTMANET A Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. In IEEE 7th Int Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Network, (CICSyN2015). Riga, Latvia. 
  • Abuhmida, M.,  Wells, I. &   X. C. A, 2011. Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Protocols Enabling High Mobility with a Focus on Swarm Intelligence. In IEEE Furth International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications (ITA 11). Wrexham, North Wales, UK, United Kingdom. 

I am interested in photography, and I play the guitar.