Nabeel Masih

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Nabeel Masih HND, MA, PGCE, PGDE



  • Lecturer in Computer Animation & VFX

For the past 15 years, I have been a Senior Lecturer in BSc (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects & BSc (Hons) Media Technology. I have been involved in film and visual elements such VFX Techniques and Game Design, sound design, field recording, Foley recording, music technology, AR / VR principles of storytelling understanding and exploring immersive media, mixed reality media and synchronises with 360 video through Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF).

I have successfully created opportunities for my students to create promotional films and adverts for other departments. This allowed them to experience meeting with clients and fulfilling their needs. They were able to take on various specialist roles for example being responsible for directing, producing, editing, sound recording, VFX and lighting.


  • MA Audio Visual Production
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education PGDE
  • Certificate in Education PGCE
  • Media Production & Music Technology (HND)

Teaching Areas:

  • Digital Asset Production
  • Production and Compositing Techniques
  • Post Production Techniques for Film, Games and Tv, Sound Design, Web Development and Audio-Visual production units.

Supervision of Final Year student projects:

  • Mastery in VFX
  • Designing a legal service marketing online system.docx
  • The incorporation of unique VFX/CGI into real-time footage, Create a dynamic website
  • Mobile puzzle game development
  • Sophisticated management system
  • Responsive web design and development
  • Maths learning website
  • Predicting social distancing guidelines with the use of artificial intelligence
  • Developing and evaluating animation using keyframe and motion capture methods.

In previous years some of my final year students undertook final projects such as:

  • Sound Design in non-fiction
  • Spatial Sound Design for VR
  • Creating environments AR/VR
  • Games Design using Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Creating an immersive audio experience to emulating virtual loudspeakers, fooling listeners into thinking the sound is located within a 3D space and creative collaboration with other courses.

Emotion Recognition in Virtual Reality Films and Games: Investigating the Roles of Spatial Sound and Visual Processing.

This research focuses on emotion recognition and modelling for Virtual Reality (VR) films and games.

In my previous workplace, I was responsible for planning, implementation and development of a training project in Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Production Software. This is a fully-featured video editing tool. This course was open to both university and non-university students in industry and would run over weekends and week-evenings for short periods. This course was also intended to attract potential partners and collaboration with industry specialists.

My freelance work has provided the opportunity to work in and with individuals in the industry, mainly from links I developed in London Film Academy, where I did some freelance weekend training. In this capacity, I work with and train film and documentary makers and editors. The institution was equipped with the latest state of the art technology and software. I have had the opportunity to attend premieres of feature films and documentaries on which I have had the privilege of working.