Mr Phil Organ BA (Hons); MA

Senior Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 483672

Senior Lecturer in Computer Animation. Classes include traditional 2D animating and design, concept design and art direction, 3D animating and filmmaking, etc. Related animation work includes the development and creation of new marketing material and animations; new degree/award writing; student support, etc. Phil is also the Unfair Practice Co-Ordinator for the selection of awards/degree in his Directorate of the Institute.

  • A-Levels in Art, Design and Technology and English Literature.
  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (FAD).
  • BA (Hons) Degree in Animation from Farnham (now the UCCA).
  • MA in Computer Animation from Teesside University.

After a short period teaching animation to primary school children Phil worked in the industry as an animator on numerous tv series, on national and international productions. This work would often involve animating on all manner of scenes that might include bats flying with accordions, elephants in pies, crocodiles, bears, effects animation, animated shadows, pyjama patterns, etc.

One set of these animated tales won an award for Best Children’s Video (1996).

Phil worked freelance for a time and would secure scenes and animations on feature film work and titles including the feature film ‘The Miracle Maker’ (a co-production between Wales and Russia). This work led to Phil being commissioned to animate his own short film for S4C called ‘Midnight Feast’. A film that was made entirely by Phil and his wife Justine. Other educational work included writing and developing his own numerous workshops (Art Centre, Cheltenham) and working on projects with children. At the turn of the century Phil enrolled upon an MA in Computer Animation at Teesside where he worked on Softimage and Maya. At the end of the postgraduate degree he applied for a lecturing position at UWTSD: Swansea and started lecturing on the new 3D Computer Animation degrees in 2001.

Phil has collaborated with numerous film and animation organisations and companies across the years that include the British Film Institute (BFI), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (OSCARs), the Irish Film Institute (IFI) and RTE. He has contributed material to Animation UK/Imagine and the Animation Directory on separate occasions, professionally and academically. In other academic areas Phil has joined libraries and institutions in the development of his own research areas and interests (including the Science Museum).

Phil currently teaches a lot of design, filmmaking, animation-related subjects in his role in the School, working principally upon the BA/MArts (Hons) 3D Computer Animation degree. His academic interests are wide and will ultimately involve 3D film and/or animation, conceptual design, general filmmaking, digital art, design, film theories, etc. His classes will often centre upon helping students to push their character design and storytelling and animation skills via the use of classical animation, Cintiq-based work, 2D and 3D software.

He wrote all of the original content for the revised BA/MArts 3DCA degree – that included 12 new modules. Phil also helps in the assessment of animation work and postgraduate material on the MA in 3D Computer Animation which often recruits successful BA3DCA students.

Phil has studied the art and science of animation and film from an early age. Whilst studying upon an FAD he was experimenting with animations and his sculpture work featured winged creatures, semi-animated, made from glass that was exhibited in Newcastle.

In three years studying animation he gained further insight into a wide range of animation styles and techniques, making some 10 or more short films in that time. His own thesis considered work from across some 40 years of animation.

As a Senior Lecturer he continues to do a lot of work to do with the analysis of movement, performance and imbuing life into characters and animated-staging and development. He wrote a new Motion Capture degree that fed upon a lot of these interests. Phil continues to develop his own script-writing, storyboarding, design and animation strengths and will often channel his own writing into his own original material for assignment briefs, assessment challenges and exercises. His long-term PhD goals integrate the art of 3D, a medical appreciation of joints and physiology - and also filmmaking and communication skills - needed in devising short descriptive animation sequences. This medically-aligned work is very personal to Phil and it is hoped it will help in the study and visualisation of some of the diseases and syndromes affecting motion in the young (e.g. Hypermobility). 

Phil’s animation, filmmaking and character animation skills are extensive. Students have benefitted from his level of animation expertise that has helped them on their own successful paths to the industry. He has now been working in 3D computer animation (specifically) since approx. 1999/2000. In the industry he animated on a number of films working diligently to deadlines, as part of the production team and as a freelance animator. In filmmaking terms he has expertise in providing students with references, sequences and animations that may relate to their own studies and development. With all of his experience he can conduct lectures with some assurance on cinematic historical periods and movements, animators and films. In education, his main strengths include a visual acuity in detecting what may be wrong with a character’s movements/animation and in the staging of the action/performance. Students have commented on his skills to reflect on a question and build a whole lecture or discussion ‘extemporaneously’ in real time.

Recent consultancy work has seen the development of a new FdA in 3D Computer Animation, with a consortium of educational institutions that included Gower College Swansea. Phil was brought in to help with overseeing this new animation award and to help in forging new frameworks in HE in the Swansea and South Wales areas. He has been invited to talk publically, most notably for Go Wales at the Grande Theatre and at the School’s own SAND Conference events. Phil has also been asked to contribute original writing and responses to a number of educational bodies (e.g. Scottish Qualifications Authority) and has also held appointments as an External Validator (e.g. MA in Computer Animation for the UCCA, Maidstone, Kent). Other external appointments include work as an External Examiner for the University of Cumbria (FdA Games & BA Digital Arts) and for the University of Essex and Southampton Solent University respectively (for their Digital Animation degrees).

Phil’s has featured in a number of journals including 3D World Magazine, Digital Creative Arts Magazine and for (Cardiff-based) Welsh Animation Group. As Programme Director he has written original content for a large selection of modules and degrees. His written work have also seen international developments (e.g. with students from Wuhan University studying upon Phil’s animation modules/assignments).

He devised and validated the First Year of the Four Year Programme for his School. In the same year he successfully validated the BA 3DCA degree (version #2) and also devised a new CERT HE in 3D Computer Animation award. Phil also wrote a new degree document for a BSc in Motion Capture and has also successfully validated the BA/MArts (Hons) 3D Computer Animation degree (version #3), writing new modules and new content.