Richard William Morgan

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Mr Richard William Morgan BA (Hons) Creative Computer Games Design, BA (Hons) 3D Computer Animation, HND Computer Animation

Programme Director & Lecturer


  • Programme Director for BA/MArts Creative Computer Games Design
  • Pastoral support for students enrolled on BA/Marts CCGD Course
  • Module Leader for Level 4 Game Design and History module
  • Module Leader for Level 5 Game Designer’s Context module
  • Module Leader for Level 4 Environment and Level Design module
  • Lecturer for Level 6 Critical Review module
  • Former Research Associate as part of the Gameslab Wales KTC project
  • 4 years Industry experience in game production in Floating Point Studios, Chaos Trend Ltd. and Fly In The Dark, developing games for PC and Mobile platforms
  • Exhibitor at Wales Games Development Show, representing Gameslab Wales (2012) and UWTSD’s School of Film and Digital Media on the BA Creative Computer Games Design course(2013-2016)
  • Study of videogame evolution in a historical context – 1950s to present day
  • Study of general game design theory / ludology / Quality control with application to active development projects
  • Study of interaction, developing narratives and psychology of play

Interest in developing future research papers relating to the application of industry practices in education and simulating professional working environments for student projects.

  • Four published games produced between 2010 -2012 (Mine Cart Rumble, Puddle Puzzles, Combombo!, Super PaX)
  • Welsh BAFTA Nominated artist for Combombo! (2013)
  • Core team member of the Gameslab Wales (2010-2012) KTC project, tasked with scoping potential development projects and consultation on game production and development

Assigned consultancy / advisory roles on several projects as part of the Gameslab Wales KTC.

Initial setup of the Wales Games Development Show in 2012 as part of the Gameslab Wales project.