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Dr Ross Head PhD; BSc

Cerebra Innovation Centre Design Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 483688

Manage the day to day running of Cerebra Innovation Centre

Graduated Product Design BSc with first class honours in 2001 and subsequently a PhD in Digital Design Methodology in Glass Product Design in Swansea Metropolitan University. I became one of the founding members of staff for Cerebra Innovation Centre whilst lecturing part time within FADE.

I have developed the centre into an excellent facility for design of bespoke products for children with neurological conditions and also developed a number of commercially viable products which aim to help a wider audience and secure income for the charity and university. 

Until recently taught a number of modules for UWTSD (Materials and Manufacturing) and Swansea University (Product Design). I remain closely linked with the School of Industrial Design with my work, including student mentoring and project work.

Involved as Company Supervisor for a PhD scholar under the KESS scheme. This PhD revolves around data capture for product concept design for children with additional needs.

Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) is a bespoke product design service offered by national charity Cerebra to its members.

Since it's inception CIC has made a tremendous difference to the lives of many children with neurological conditions across the UK. The unique strategic vision for CIC means that they are able to respond to individual requests for help and can make small numbers of bespoke products that focus heavily on individual requirements and inclusion into society.

CIC respond directly to requests from parents thereby negating the complication and time constraints that arise when government bodies become involved.

The positioning of the centre within UWTSD enhances the capability to carry out usability analyses of the products to assess the functionality and usefulness of the product concepts prior to committing to costly tooling and manufacture.

Full research profile

Expertise in all areas of Product Design, specifically but not limited to design for children with additional needs including R&D, ergonomic studies for children with differing postural and dimensional needs, CAD, field testing, prototyping and manufacture. Liaison with industry partners to secure licensing agreements and develop manufactured products.

Since 2008 CIC have completed 592 member-requests for help and have produced 168 bespoke products including mobility and communication aids, products to enable IT access and sledges.

Some of the products in the portfolio are now being commercialised in partnership with third party manufacturers under licensing agreements, with royalty payments being paid to the charity and UWTSD. The cerebra sledge was the first commercial product launched with Gordon Ellis & Co and is enjoying low but consistent seasonal sales.

Our partnership with James Leckey Design will show significant sales of the Goto Seat. This is being marketed heavily with Cerebra being involved in a campaign to raise awareness of the need for this product to be supplied by supermarkets to help families of disabled children:

Two more products are being developed with Leckey and should be ready towards the end of 2014.

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  • Winner of Health, Social care and Well being Award for 3rd sector awards Cymru 2011
  • Bombay Sapphire 2nd place for Excellence and Innovation in Glass Design 2004
  • Audi Foundation’s award for Progressive Product Design at the New Designers Show, Business Design Centre, Islington, London. 2001
  • Welsh Development Agency Technology Prize 2001