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Professor Sue Williams MA, BA Hons.

Professor of Fine Art – Course Director


Course Director of Fine Art: Studio Site and Context

I have been a practicing artist living and working in Wales for over 30 years. I have won numerous awards including International Artes Mundi Art prize in 2006; The National Eisteddfod Wales (Gold Medal winner) and the Rootstein Hopkins Painting Award amongst others. My work translates to an international audience through regular solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including Africa, China, New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong amongst other places. In Amsterdam, I was a visiting Advisor for the Rijk Akademie, the Royal Academy of Arts. I am also on the Board of Trustees for Axisweb and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I have many works in public collections, including the Wales Assembly Government; National Museum & Galleries of Wales; Contemporary Arts Society including a number of municipal galleries as well as many private collections worldwide. A most recent 2021 purchase has been made of my work by the National Library of Wales.

The Welsh Assembly Government have endorsed my work in education DVD programs for schools and universities and my website is used in educational establishments, from GCSE to Higher Education throughout the UK and beyond. I support students at A level, BA, MA and PhD throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, often requesting information on my work. I regularly give talks on my work in educational establishments including most recently collaborating with art schools in Belfast, Manchester, St Helens, Aberdeen, Moscow and Helsinki on Painters Talk Painting series.

My practice regularly contributes to the University Research Excellence Framework.

The year 2021 has seen the publication of work produced in collaboration with Dr Marilyn Allen (artist, writer and theorist) by Storr publishers. So far, the following couple of years I have to work towards exhibitions in Bogota and Manchester and the publishing of a new book.

  • Board Trustees Axisweb/Organisor
  • Stepchange Fellows + Organisation
  • Artists Pension Trust Global
  • Freelands Studio Fellowship

Alongside my practice, I am committed to and engaged in the development of dynamic strategies to support contemporary art practice. As Fine Art Course Director I have developed a series of innovative methods, both physical and virtual, to facilitate creative practice in our current uncertain social situation. I am committed to the development of creative networks providing productive cultural communities and all these vital engagements continue to enrich my experience as a practitioner.

I am a prominent international artist with a recognised body of work, a solo/group exhibition history on seven continents, a strong track record of awards including selection for Artes Mundi Prize 2006 and have work in many leading private and public collections worldwide. Drawing is an essential medium through which I develop concepts for drawing/painting installations, collaborations (with performers, composers, poets, medical professionals), exploring the theatrical, that extends from the canvas into the three-dimensional arena, film and sound.

I research and develop an understanding of the complexities of human desire, vulnerability and communication and highlight those places where we feel secure or insecure as we move between our day-to-day living and the virtual cyber world of fantasy and play. I am interested in the ways in which the real world and cyber world interact, how they inform one another and alter our understanding and how it affects our relationships to one another.

Whilst exploring both these worlds there is a significant blur between the boundaries of private and public, embracing a psychologically charged world within the context of socio-culture and so questioning the concept of identity, both sexually and cerebrally. The global village effect creates a universal tension when social media presents instant stories – an overload of visuals and noises constantly blurring the edges between fact and fiction, playing with reality and fantasy, creating misrepresentation/misinterpretation.

I capture the candour and confusion of communicating in this digital age, translating the universal truths and its absence through lies and where vulnerability and power games act out. Through my pathological honesty, I not only draw the viewer into a world of provocative sexual and emotional politics, but I attempt to unravel the questions raised about the construction of identity in contemporary culture and the impact on our bodies and our minds.

  • National Museum and Galleries of Wales
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • Contemporary Art Society
  • Sotheby's Contemporary Art Auction, The Orangery, Margam Park, Wales
  • South Glamorgan County Council
  • Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
  • Numerous private collections worldwide

In 2009 I trademarked and registered the name ‘nomorepink’ in order to extend my work into design concepts. In 2012 I worked with FreshWest Design:

Touch Me Cupboard, a collaboration with celebrated artist Sue Williams, goes beyond surface pattern creating a piece of furniture that has the presence and depth of a canvas on a gallery wall. The form of the cupboard is designed to heighten the impact of the artist’s imagery, which beckons you to open the doors. Inside, Freshwest have added to the intrigue with a built in second, small, locked cupboard that only the owner can open.

“We wanted to create a private secret place for someone to keep their treasured possessions. We like the idea that we are not only the designers and makers but the curators of a piece of furniture, with us, Sue and the owner all contributing to its story”.
                                                                          Marcus Beck & Simon Macro (Directors of FreshWest)

2008 – Funding for Business and Marketing from Welsh Government. This was towards a design clothing range via nomorepink logo with the support of designers and makers.

Registered and trademarked nomorepink


Upcoming publications for Bloomsbury Academic Publishing (London & New York):

Wife, Witch, Whore: Essential Conversations about Gender, Art and Culture (2025)


ISBN: 978-1-9160411-2-7 

CONVERS[ISOL]ATION - a collaborative project between Sue Williams and Marilyn Allen, which responds to the experience of social isolation during COVID 19, 2020.


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Living in a digital age it is important to be visible and in a prominent position within a digital platform. I have been invited to sit on a number of art-based boards and committees, most recently the Board of Trustees for Axisweb, who lead the digital presentation of contemporary art practice in the UK, creating opportunities for exchange and interaction that benefit a wide constituency of artists and art professionals and strengthen the contribution of the visual arts to society.

I am represented by Artist Pension Trust; further profile on networking, associations and groups: Axisweb; Open Art Collection; Black Art in America; Creative Africa Network; APT Global; Facebook; LinkedIn; Vimeo; Drawing Research Network and Twitter.