Tracy Thompson

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Tracy Thompson Intermediate Counselling, BA (Hons) illustration,  MA RCA Natural History Illustration

Lecturer (0.3 Fractional) Illustration

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481 018

First year course leader working primarily with media techniques, design, editorial and natural history/environment.

Artist and illustrator

I work in illustration, as a painter, on installations and as a lecturer.  I have worked on numerous commissions and taken part in many exhibitions.

I regard myself as a generalist and have always worked in the arts along side science, both as a natural history/environmental painter and in a philosophical context through questioning and research.  I am particularly interested in female communication methods and their natural aptitude towards empathy, generalisation and contextualisation as opposed to the current culture of abstract specialisation and anthropocentrism derived from millennia of patriarchal, hierarchical social systems.  This has resulted in my continual researching of the communication aspects of humanity and their relationship with other species and their environment via the visual arts. 

Currently working on an art project involving the restoration of a Grade II* Listed workhouse using traditional building techniques and materials, exploring the use of paints and pigment in traditional and contemporary fresco and setting it up as a living art piece with the intention that people, especially young people from different cultures, can stay and communicate.

Also working on a book looking at San’a, the capital of Yemen, as a human eco-system through paintings and text (previously the subject of a PhD).  This has expanded to encompass environmental philosophy, psychology and generalisation as opposed to specialisation and the methods used to communicate this concept.

Honorary member – Daw’an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation.  Artist recording the unique earth architecture of the Hadramut. Yemen.

Primary interest in practical methods of mark making and  conceptualising, focusing on the importance of seeing and promoting the image as a legitimate language of communication in its own right as opposed to the linear emphasis put on the written and spoken word. Imagery has a profound ability to communicate emotion which is the foundation of insightful and original artwork.  Students are encouraged to work from this intuitive, personal space.

Teaching responsibilities:

  • First year course leader
  • Media Techniques Module
  • Editorial and reportage
  • Environmental and sustainability issues
  • Informative debating and discussion forums (non-competitive)

The entirety of life, human, other species, their inter-connectedness and our perception of these phenomena from a deep ecology, philosophical and psychological context as explored through the subjective/objective visual language.

Involved with sustainable development and I am a co-director of a renewable energy development and consultancy company.