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Stained-Glass Craftsperson Apprenticeship

Glass studio Apprenticeship

The Stained-Glass Craftsperson Apprenticeship programme has been developed in collaboration with employers to ensure that they meet current career progression needs in an industry that is central to maintaining the traditional craft of stained-glass.

This innovative programme will help apprentices develop their professional and technical skills through a combination of university study and work-based learning.

The apprentice will develop practical skills and knowledge in the research, design, craft, construction, and fitting of architectural and stained glass. 

This can include conservation and restoration of stained glass as well as working on new commissions or architectural work. Projects range from small to large-scale public and private commissions, which can involve the research, design, and construction of new and existing stained glass within historical and/or contemporary contexts in public or domestic buildings.  

The apprentice will develop practical skills in handling and cutting of glass, glass painting, leading, soldering, and cementing. This is essential to creating stained glass.

In addition to these practical skills, apprentices will develop skills in dealing with people and working as a member of a team, they will learn to research and analyse historical and technical information.

They will also learn Creativity in design which includes drawing and rendering stained glass cartoons and cutline drawings.  

If you are interested in our Stained Glass Craftperson Apprenticeship programme, click on the register your interest button below to apply or find out more. You must be employed in the sector to join the programme. 

The scheme is studied over a 3 year period during employment and includes a range of online, distance learning and specialist practical workshops resulting in an Apprenticeship (Level 4) qualification. 

Start dates: February/ June/ November 

This qualification is accredited by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical education (IFATE) and supported by the British Society of Master Glass Painters, the Worshipful Company of GlaziersAccredited Conservator-Restorers and ICON, the Institute for Conservation. It has also been endorsed by the National Trust and Historic England (including their networks of allied trades) as a useful and required skillset to be used in conjunction with other crafts within this context.  

This stained-glass apprenticeship programme has been designed to ensure the survival of a unique and traditional craft which forms part of British history and culture and is considered vital to the key stained-glass design professionals and conservators in the UK many of whom form and support the trailblazer group that endorse this proposal. 

Although stained glass is considered a distinct area of craft in industry it is already listed on occupational maps for apprenticeships and although often small-scale, impacts hugely on architecture through both contemporary design, history and heritage in the UK and further afield.

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