Two photos of students, one working in engineering, one in programming.

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) is a peer-learning scheme designed to help you settle into university life. Starting university can be a difficult time for anybody, and speaking to students who have been through a similar experience may help.

  • Are you a student who started with us here at UWTSD for the very first time?   
  • Do you have questions that need answering?   
  • Are you worried about your assignments?   
  • Do you need help with knowing who to speak to for help?   
  • Would you like to speak to an existing student who knows what it’s like to be a new student?   

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may benefit from speaking to our team of PAL student mentors. One of the PAL mentors will contact you with more details if PAL is available in your subject area.  

What happens in a PAL session?  

PAL sessions normally run once a week for up to an hour. They are run by trained upper-level students, who are called PAL mentors. Sessions may take place in a lecture room, a campus library or online and may take the form of small study groups or one-to-one drop-in sessions. Mentors find out from students how things are going and what aspects of the course material they would like to discuss. Examples of common activities include: 

  • Review of lecture content 
  • Exam revision using a quiz 
  • Going over assignment briefs 
  • Subject-specific study skills 
  • Developing a glossary of specialist terminology 
  • Problem solving together 
  • Practising presentation delivery 
  • Using open questions to encourage deep thinking about a topic 
  • Getting an insider perspective on module options for future studies

PAL Testimonials

'The PAL mentors are an excellent group of people, they helped with studies and gave us insight into university life.'
                     Humanities 1st year student
 ‘The PAL mentors were very professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind throughout. They put tremendous effort into explaining things slowly and carefully.’
                     Education 1st year student
 'I really enjoyed the PAL sessions. My mentor was so nice and friendly and made the sessions welcoming and informative. They informed me of helpful referencing guides, they helped me navigate the library website, and they provided advice about what modules I can do next year.’
                     Humanities Foundation student

How to find out more

Whether you are a student who would like to attend PAL or is interested in becoming a mentor or a member of academic staff interested in setting up PAL activity around your own subject area, please contact a PAL supervisor for your institute: 

IEH (Institute of Education and Humanities) and WISA (Wales Institute of Science and Art)
Christopher Fleming

IICL (Institute of Inner City Learning)
Margaret Gordon 

IMH (Institute of Management and Health)
Jo Kelleher