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Ever since I was a young girl I was fortunate enough for my parents to take me travelling, whether that being around the UK or Florida at the age of 4, I love travelling. When my father died at the age of 15 and I was in the middle of doing my GCSE's I had a lot of spare time and I knew that I did not want to stay in school anymore, and one of my teachers handed me a brochure for Coleg Sir Gar, flipped through a couple of pages, and I found Trave

Bethan Watkins

I have been to London on more than one occasion with the university (World Travel Market, Twickenham Stadium)

Malaysia, Malaysia & MALAYSIA!! Firstly, this is the first time I have ever been this far away from home and it was scary, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was not going to miss. Secondly, as a group, we all become much closer and the memories we made I will never forget. The culture, the heritage and the experience as a whole were phenomenal. 

Funny story, I had no idea where I was going to go for my placement until the very last minute. Then I found Oldwalls Collection, a 5* wedding venue. Now, I have worked in catering and the hotel sector so I thought why not expand my knowledge. In April 2018, I will have been there for 2 years. I have moved around every different department, marketing, sales, catering, wedding planning and currently reception.

I think I went through a midlife crisis about a month ago where I forgot that this is my last year in university and I had a slight panic and started applying for graduate jobs. Venture 100 offered me a job there and then on the phone but it was full-time and located in Cardiff. I had to say no because my studies come first. But, they said that when I finish to give them a call back because they would like me to work for them! 

Now then, the reasons why I choose to come to UWTSD Business Campus was mostly because I know Jacqui Jones through college. I knew this university was big but small enough for the lectures to pay attention to each individual student. Through the four years, the main lecturers to make an impression on me is in-fact Jacqui Jones, Mike Davies and Kathryn Flynn. Without their help and guidance, I doubt I would have made it to Masters, so a massive thank you!

Conference - this is a massive opportunity for us as students to showcase all the skills that we have achieved throughout the four years in university and display them to potential future students but also potential employees, again, when are my ever going to say that I and 8 other girls in my class created a conference?

Course - Truly, amazing and inspirational. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

To the girl with poor GCSE's, who went through bereavement at such a young age, who thought she was going to be working in a basic job, who got picked on for her weight and size I'd say to that 15-year-old girl hold on in there,  the future is better than what you ever thought it was going to be, you lose 8 stone, you are a queen of the giants and that you FINALLY GET TO MEET AN ELEPHANT.