Film & TV

Film & TV (BA) Online Sessions

13 October to 6 April - 5-6pm


If you are one of the many students considering applying for university and interested in the creative industries but are not too sure what it involves in a post Covid world, then these sessions are for you. These sessions are aimed at offering you advice about your potential choices and how you would go about choosing the best course for your career.

*Whether you are a film, English, history, psychology or arts student, the world of storytelling is one that connects them all together. Although we are a film and television course, we teach the course through the lens of humanities and social sciences. We use that knowledge to get students to film exciting and innovative stories for today’s audiences. *

Please join us for weekly sessions introducing you to the world of storytelling in the twenty-first century. Come visit us online to find out about the subjects we cover throughout our degree course. We’ll provide you with useful tips for applying, share some current student work, and show you the facilities we have on offer.

It’s your chance to ask questions, meet the teaching team and get a good understanding of what it means to work in the ever-changing creative industry. The sessions are informal and friendly, and there’s also the chance to test your skills with a few simple online activities. We’d love to meet you, so please register for any of the dates below.

If you are a teacher/lecturer with a group booking and would like to arrange a bespoke session please contact

See the Film & TV (BA) page for more information about the course.